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Frankenjura festival


smallThis year a small groupe of firends met in the heart of Frankenjura in Betzenstein.

Festival in Frankenjura and CWN:

This year the 6th annual meeting of CWN (ClimbWeb.Net was originally conceived by small group of climbing web editors who met in the south of France)was held in the Frankenjura, Germany on the 25th and 26th of May. The meeting coincided with the climbing festival, where the attendees enjoyed fun climbing and Bavarian “dunkel beer.”

After all the hard work and discussions were completed, all the members were given an opportunity to take part in a massive party Friday, from which some of us were very tired. Several went to the bed to be fresh for tomorrows climbing.
The next day was very beautiful and sunny and therefore we went to a shady north oriented wall, Schonunger Wand, where we climbed several eights (congrats to Alan for his stunning on-sight send of the brave Beppis route)
Then we moved to Dornroschen Wand where we tortured our bodies on slabs and overhangs.

Evening was close so we decided to celebrate the successful day by eating cake at the famous Wald Café in Pottenstein. Later in the evening we went to the show at the Betzenstein swimming pool where a massive party took place and a fun DWS competition was organized.

The last day of our stay we went to the well known spot called Schone Aussicht (which means something like scenic view) where we did plenty of routes in the mild sun and finished the day at Rote Fels. Jiri met some local residents (bees) trying routes on the right side of the crag, the while other guys had fun climbing one of the longest route in Frankenjura.


Tüchersfeld - echt Frankenjura

photo by JirkaS

Video from Betzenstein DWS competititon

Camping platz

Camp at Betzenstein

photo by JirkaS

Horákos v 9+

Our friend in route Wachgeküsst, 9+ at Dornröschenwand

photo by JirkaS

Alan James

Alan in Beppis route, 8 at Schonunger Wand

photo by JirkaS

DWS Betzenstein

DWS Betzenstein

photo by JirkaS

DWS Betzenstein

DWS Betzenstein

photo by JirkaS


Boulder gym at Betzenstein

photo by JirkaS


Vojtek climbs a nice route at  Schone Aussicht

photo by JirkaS

Alan James

Alan climbs Schöne Absicht, 7 at Schöne Aussicht

photo by JirkaS

CWN members

CWN members

photo by Jana

All in all, it was a great event: perfect climbing in perfect weather and some work carried out by all who attended concerning managing and reporting on climbing websites.  Many thanks also to the organizers of the festival and to Sarah for hosting the event and to all the other supporters and friends.  As we have invited a very strong polish website and they generously accepted, we now are stronger and have the opportunity to move our next meeting to the beautiful polish climbing area next to Krakow; the Polska Jura.

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Olympijská kvalifikace Šanghaj
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