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Nová kniha Medaile na chvíli o olympijském příběhu Adama Ondry
Nová kniha Lékaři na horách: neviditelní hrdinové

SP skialpy Cortina d’Ampezzo ITA (06.04)
SP Šanghaj (09.04)

38.Kohout 10268
39.Fišer 10234
40.Hronek 10191
38.Polčin 8650
39.Kohout 8650
40.Jurečka 8631
5.Louda 5970
6.Chomová 5704
7.Ludrovský 5595

2. ČP v bouldrech Praha (02.03)
ČP v bouldrech Praha (17.02)
MS ledolezení (16.02)

5512 lezců
1084017 cest
Nové přelezy:
Para Maria 8a
Umpah - Pa 8b
La Capella 8a
Bauschkraf 7c+
Der Igel S 7b+
Boys 8a
Igel 7b+
Shadow Pla 8a
Sharpen Yo 7c
Hogo Fogo 7c

Umělá horolezecká stěna ZŠ Dr. Horáka - Prostějov
Studénka - Studénka
Hořice v Podkrkonoší - Hořice v Podkrkonoší

Rock Point Outlet Store - Praha 5 - Radotín
Lezecké centrum Vertigo - Bratislava
HUDYsport - Strakonice


Newbie at Czech Climbing? Start Here! How to about Climbing in Czech
Getting Started with Czech climbing: where to climb in Czech, in Europe and around. How to climb and who climbs here - especially Czech Rock Stars. And how to use this site. ... full story
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22.08.2012 Standa is international frontend of our eshopclimbing and outdoor equipment for good price worldwide shipping is international frontend of our store Established over 10 years ago, when it functioned in cooperation with climbing website ( . ... full story
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Youth European Championship in climbingCzech Markéta Janošová got gold medal, two others bronze
Czech girl Markéta Janošová won today Youth European Championship in lead climbing in Perm, Russia. The other two Czech girls were 3rd in their categories. Michaela Smetanova got bronze in lead climbing, Arina Jurčenko in bouldering. ... full story
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02.05.2021 Standa Holec
Jana Vincourková: flash of boulder Red Hot Tortilas 8A
Jana Vincourková announced flash of boulder Red Hot Tortilas 8A in Sněžník close to Děčín, NW Czechia. It shoudl be the 2nd Czech female flash of the boudering grade 8A. The same boulder problem did Lucie Hrozová a month ago. ... full story
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30.04.2021 Standa Holec
World Cup in bouldering in Meiringen: Adam Ondra won
Adam Ondra won today the World Cup competition in bouldering in Meiringen, Switzerland. He did 3 tops from 4 boulders as the only one in the finals. Yoshiyuki Ogata (JAP) was the 2nd, Tomoaki Takata (JAP) 3rd. ... full story
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17.04.2021 Standa Holec
Lucie Hrozová did 8B boulder as the 2nd Czech female
Lucie Hrozová announced sent of 8B boulder. That is the problem Temná hmota in area Děčínský Sněžník, Northern Bohemia, NW Czechia. She is the only the 2nd Czech female, who did that bouldering grade. ... full story
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12.04.2021 Standa Holec
Lucie Hrozová: boulder 8A flash
Lucka Hrozová announced flash climb of boulder Red Hot Tortilas 8A in Sněžník close to Děčín, NW Czechia. It should be the first Czech female flash in the boudering grade 8A.
... full story
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06.04.2021 Standa Holec
WCH of juniors in ice climbing: Aneta Loužecká - 3rd place
"World Youth Ice climbing Championship 2021- 3rd place in lead," Czech girl Aneta Loužecká announced today from the Championship in Tyumen, Russia. ... full story
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28.02.2021 Standa Holec
Mára Holeček and Zdeněk Hák got Piolet d'Or 2020 for Chamlang
Czech mountaineers Marek Holeček and Zdeněk Hák got prestige award Piolet d'Or 2020 yesterday for the first ascent of the route Ufo Line on Chamlang (7319 m) in Nepal. ... full story
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20.09.2020 Standa Holec
Festak 2020 - the resultsInternational Mountaineering Film Festival
Slovak film Everest - The Hard Way by Pavol Barabáš got the Grand Prix of the this annual of the International Mountaineering Film Festival in Teplice nad Metují, North Eest Bohemia. The organizers announced the results today in the end of event. ... full story
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30.08.2020 Standa Holec
Jana Vincourková announced her 2nd 8B boulder
Jana Vincourková announced her 2nd 8B boulder.Its the problem Rustam Direct 8B at Holštejn in Moravian Kars, SE Czechia. Jana is the only Czech female, who recorded the grade in ranking on She is actually on the first place of the ranking. ... full story
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11.08.2020 Standa Holec
Marek Holeček and Zdeněk Hák will get Piolet d'Or for Chamlang
Czech mountaineers Marek Holeček and Zdeněk Hák will get prestige award Piolet d'Or 2020 for Chamlang for the first ascent of the route Ufo Line on Chamlang (7319 m) in Nepal in 2019. Besides them the two other teams from USA and one team from Japan will be awarded. The decision of the jury was published by the organiser of the Piolets d'Or award. ... full story
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11.08.2020 Standa Holec
Olympic qualification in climbing combination Toulouse, FranceAdam Ondra 2nd and qualified to Olympic games 2020
Adam Ondra was the 2nd in the climbing combination finals of the qualification competition for Olympic games 2020, held today in Toulouse, France. He has qualified to the Olympic games without doubts.He got 8th place in speed climbing, 3rd in bouldering, and won the lead climbing. ... full story
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30.11.2019 Standa Holec
Gabriela Vrablíková announced climb of her first 9a
Gabriela Vrablíková announced climb of her first 9a. She wrote The route Sever The Wicked Hand 9a in Frankenjura, Germany, yesterday on her log at and reported on Facebook. It is the hardest route ever climbed by Czech female. ... full story
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06.07.2019 Standa Holec
Bouldering World Cup Meiringen (SUI)Adam Ondra wins
Adam Ondra won the 1st this year World Cup competition in bouldering in Meiringen, Switzerland. ... full story
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06.04.2019 sth
Adam Ondra's start at the WC in Briancon was prevented by covid
Adam Ondra's planned start at tomorrow's World Cup in lead climbing in Briancon, France, was prevented because he has covid infection. They informed about it today on Facebook of the Czech Mountaineering Union.
Only Eliška Adamovská, Míša Smetanová, Martin Stráník, the Potůček brothers and Jáchym Cink are to represent Czechs in tomorrow's qualification. ... full story
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21.07.2022 Standa Holec
World climbing icon Chris Sharma is to be at Festák this year
At this year's climbing festival in Teplice nad Metují, East Bohemia, Czechia, on 25-28 August should be Chris Sharma, they said yesterday on the ČHS Facebook page. ... full story
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21.07.2022 Standa Holec
World Cup lead climbing in Chamonix, France: Adam Ondra won
Adam Ondra won the World Cup of lead climbing in Chamonix, France today. ... full story
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10.07.2022 Standa Holec
Lucka Hrozová gives her 1st boulder for 8B/8B+
Lucka Hrozová announced the climb of her hardest boulder Prehistorik 8B/8B+ from Martin Stráník in Labák. She matched the performance of Jana Švecová (Vincourková), who climbed the same bomber last month and was still the only Czech to have this bouldering difficulty. ... full story
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16.05.2022 Standa Holec
European Boulder Cup in Brixen:Eliška Adamovská has silver medal
Eliška Adamovská won a silver medal today in the European Boulder Cup in Brixen, Italy. "The first three boulders climbed with a clear flash! She also did well in the last, hardest boulder, and only two attempts separated her from the gold medal," commented on her final performance on Facebook by ČHS. ... full story
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08.05.2022 Standa Holec
In addition to a lot of 8B +, Jakub Konečný climbed two 8C
In addition to a lot of boulders for 8B +, Jakub Konečný has recently climbed two 8Cs, namely Tekuté Štěstí and Ghost Rider in Sloup in the Moravian Karst. In the ranking on the, he jumped to 2nd place behind Martin Stráník. Take a look at the videos that Jakub made of these boulders on Youtube: ... full story
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08.05.2022 Standa Holec
European Boulder Cup in Prague continues with semi and finals
Adam Ondra won the European Boulder Cup competition in Prague tonight. Eliška Adamovská finished in 6th place in the finals. ... full story
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01.05.2022 Standa Holec
European Boulder Cup in Prague started today with qualification
The Czechs Adam Ondra, Eliška Adamovská, Martin Stráník and Roman Kučera advanced today from the qualification of the European Boulder Cup in Prague to tomorrow's semifinals. ... full story
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30.04.2022 Standa Holec
Jana Švecová (Vincourková): 1st Czech women's boulder for 8B/8B+
Jana Švecová (Vincourková) climbed the prehistoric 8B/8B+ boulder from Martin Stráník in Labák, which again increased the level for women's bouldering in the Czech Republic. Jana is thus the only Czech boulder who has climbed this boulder difficulty on Lezec or according to other available sources. ... full story
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21.04.2022 Standa Holec
Czech Cup in lead climbing BrnoAdam Ondra and Eliška Adamovská win, William Bosi 2nd
Adam Ondra and Eliška Adamovská won yesterday this year's first Czech Cup in lead climbing in Brno. The second were William Bosi (UK) and Michaela Smetanová, the third Šimon Potůček and Markéta Janošová. ... full story
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16.04.2022 Standa Holec
Petrohradské padání 2022Žihle 22 – 24 / 04 / 2022
Fun competition in bouldering on nature stones. Different categories of climbing, difficulty from 1 to 8B+ Fb. ... full story
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30.03.2022 Petr Resch
Russian protests against Russian aggression in Ukrai
The Russian mountaineering server has published a call to end military operations in Ukraine, stating that it is a disgrace to Russia and its citizens for several generations.
It takes a great deal of courage to write such a statement in present-day Russia and attach your signature to it. There are 234 names under the call so far. ... full story
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27.02.2022 Ondrej, sth
Adam Ondra: let us help the Ukrainian people suffering from war
Adam Ondra published a call to support the People in Need organization, which can quickly help the Ukrainian people suffering from the war. He wrote on social networks: ... full story
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25.02.2022 Standa Holec
Aneta Loužecká: 3rd in speed and 5th in lead at WCH of N.AmericaIce Climbing
Aneta Loužecká succeeded at the North American Ice Climbing Championships this weekend in Ouray, Colorado. She was 3rd in speed and 5th in difficulty, she said on Facebook. ... full story
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07.02.2022 Standa Holec
DryToolCup Brno 2021Czech championship and European Cup in ice climbing
DryToolCup Brno 2021, ie the international Czech championship in ice climbing on lead and at the same time the 3rd race of the European Cup in ice climbing 2021/2022 was won yesterday by Tyler Kempney from the USA and Finn Enni Bertling. The best of ours was Aneta Loužecká 4th. ... full story
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05.12.2021 Standa Holec


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