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Adam Ondra sends hard multi-pitch routes in the Alps

Silbergeier 8b+ and more...

Besides Abysse, 9a (in the news from Friday) Adam Ondra has entered into his diary here on CzechClimbing.com recently climbs of hard multi-pitch routes in Alps: Silbergeier 8b+ and Zub za zub 8b+ in Rätikon, the Alps region in Switzerland and Austria.

Silbergeier is one of the hardest multi-pitch routes in the world (200 m, first ascent Beat Kammerlander). The Czech Mountaineering Union granted Honorary appreciation last year to Ondra Benes for the 7th accent of the climb, who accompanied Adam during the ascent. Adam Ondra climbed the route Silbergeier 8b+ in one day on 27th July 2007.
Adam Ondra climbed the route Zub za zub 8b+ on 29th July 2007. The route was made by a Czech team of T.Sobotka, L.Mazl, O.Benes, M.Rosecky in 2004, they climbed it AF and graded as 9+ UIAA (7c+ French). They also got honorary appreciation 2004 from Czech union for the ascent. Adam wrote that he had redpointed the route in one day and suggested the difficulty of 8b+. Adam´s redpoint should be the 1st one. The route Zub za zub (Tooth for tooth) is 150 m, the pitches are: 7b+, 6c+, 8b+, 7a, (4). The route is in the Swiss Rätikon, sector Schweizereck, about 30 meters right from a big block in 1/3 of the wall. The route ends on the ledge under the broken small orange wall, it is possible to finish it to a small tower via a loose easy way about 4 UIAA.

What's more, during the last trip Adam climbed besides Abysse also other difficult sport routes, for example Hot Chili Beans Volcano 8b+ OS, and more.

check out his Diary - Ondra Adam (dipsy)

The list of the mountains climbs: Diary - Ondra Adam (dipsy)

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