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Czechs did first ascent on NW pillar Talung 7349m, Himalayas

TalungTwo Czechs Marek Holecek and Zdenek Hruby said today, thay had done the alpine style first ascent to the North West pillar of Talung (7349m) in Himalayas, Nepal.

According to their report "they did the ascent in 7 days in the wall,and a six night in bivaques, in the couple without assistance of other people. The length of the first ascent is  2500 m, difficulty M6+,WI6. Kanchenjunga area, East Himalayas - Nepal".

Marek Holecek sent the news to our site CzechClimbing.com/Lezec.cz this morning from Kathmandu. They are on the way home. They announced a press conference for Friday May 31 in Prague.


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