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Frankenjura Band 1 a Band 2

SP Salt Lake City (20.05)
SP Salt Lake City (27.05)
SP Brixen (10.06)

1.Ondra 13822
2.Trojan 12100
3.Šindel 11706
1.Stráník 11600
2.Konečný 11525
3.Volf 11228
1.Skopec 8228
2.Bartoš 7426
3.Bloudek 7201

Evropský pohár v boulderingu Praha (30.04)
Petrohradské padání (22.04)
1. kolo ČP obtížnost (15.04)

5255 lezců
966161 cest
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Thumbs Up! 10-/10
Slimline 10-
Rote Kante 10-
Red Zone 10-
Daywalker 9+/10-
Therapeuti 9+
Steep Mud 9+/10-
LSD 9/9+
Pomsta Tro 10-
Pívo A Sla Xb

KH Olomouc - Olomouc
Žlutá Kobra - Plzeň
Bongo Brno - Brno

LANEX eshop - Bolatice
Rock Point Outlet Store - Praha 5 - Radotín
Rock Point Plzeň Americká - Plzeň


Aces in Osp

Silva Rajfová - Mrtvaški ples 8b in RP style

Time spending of Easter in Osp is just ordinary thing for Czech people. And I thing, this year there met a nice party. Although the weather did not match very much, it was very wet, the trip was satisfactory. We came there together with Tomas Mrazek, who went back home on return for Helena Lipenska (competing last week in Birmingham bouldering World Cup) . The other surprise was Martina Cufar, even she is there basically home. The another ace was David Lama (AUT) , who was really magic. Firstly he attracted all Pec by near on sight  Milenium 8b+, the one would say, so he did not send it, but his desire for on sight was so huge, that he forget to clip and unfortunately he fell just under the top and than flew. What to add, he fell to Mosaic  :). (Milenium is two-pitch rout, the first pitch is Mosaic). He sent the Milenium on the second try. The another scalp he toke from the route Vizia 8c, on the second try :).
And the last surprise was Silva Rajfová, who stoped there on her trip home from Sardinia. She aimed Mrtvaški ples 8b. She tried it on last Autumn, now she looked at it and she sent int on the second time. Many people were upset by wet rock and bed possibility for climbing. But Silva did not perhaps see it.:)). We heard aboit the other success of Martin Stranik and Adam Ondra in France. Martin should send 8b fash, Adam then two 8b on-sight and 8c on third try. But I think they will write specific info after their return.
Dan Kadlec

(The author is a head of sport youth commision of  Czech Mountaineering Union, translated by

Actual photos from described trip of Czech and even Slovak top team to Osp were sent by Caballo (Jirka Švub, who was there with Slovak team and who dedicates to climbing the site

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