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Vychází nové vydání knihy Julia Kugyho: Ze života horolezce
Nové průvodce světových oblastí
Vychází nová kniha Máry Holečka o Gasherbrumu I.

Makak boulder kolotoč (18.01)
SP v ledolezení Čína (18.01)
SP v ledolezení Švýcarsko (24.01)

1.Ondra 13722
2.Konečný 13075
3.Vopat 11896
1.Stráník 11600
2.Jungling 11050
3.Stráník 10925
1.Skopec 6646
2.Coubal 6161
3.Nikita 6006

EP v ledolezení Slovensko (08.12)
MMČR v boulderingu (07.12)
EP v ledolezení Slovinsko (01.12)

4586 lezců
727799 cest
Nové přelezy:
Cirkus živ 9+
Los Posade 7c
Polar Bear 8B+
Milkyway 8A+
Vasilica 8B
Predator 7C+
Cvičky Ve 7C/7C+
Panelstory 7C+
Velmi Vyso 8A
Zkrat 7C+/8A

Dap Sport - Hradec Králové
HK Ostaš - Police Nad Metují
Základní škola Horní Čermná - Horní Čermná

HUDYsport - Praha 2
2D chyty - Praha 6
HUDYsport - Praha 7


Bernd Arnold christens Czech book: Climbing in Saxony

German (Saxon) climbing legend Bernd Arnold christened the new book Lezeni v Sasku (Climbing in Saxony) at last weekend's release party. The book was compiled from several years worth of articles on www.lezec.cz (the Czech version of CzechClimbing.com) written by Jarda Marsik.

Woven into the delicate stories is the emotional photography of Pavel (Zofin) Zofka, one of the most know czech climbing photographers.

The Saxon climbing legend Bernd Arnold with the new book ceremony, Tisa 27th October, 2007

foto by © JirkaS

Jarda Marsik began writing the articles about climbing in the neighboring Saxon sandstone on www.lezec.cz in 2000 and during the years has wrote more than 50 parts. He reexamined this traditional climbing area where rock climbing began over a hundred years ago, which laid the basis for free climbing and later the RP style. East German sandstone was very popular in the 1980s (during the communist era) among Czech climbers as a rare opportunity visit foreign climbing areas. Then in the first decade of democracy Czech climbers discovered the opportunities of travelling further abroad- Frankenjura, Italy, France or USA.

Jarda Marsik´s articles were not only informative but more like real literature and promote the area for new climbers. The responses of the readers were so positive that Jarda decided to move the articles to the book version and contributed the texts by new photos with Czech elite trad climbers.

Bernd Arnold, world famous for his bold traditional routes, the father of modern Saxon/ Czech sandstone climbing and the author of a huge number of first ascents said that it is curious and maybe sad that such a beautiful book about the history of climbing in German sandstone was not done by some German but by Czech, but the book touches his personal live and it is really nice that the book was written.

The book is published by Freytag&Berndt publisher (Czech bench of German publisher house) and will be in the bookstores in couple days.

Czech out the English translation of one of the older articles which is as well in the book: Mysterious mechanic

The launching ceremony begins

photo by © Standa

It is going to christen! From the left: Pavel (Zofin) Zofka, Jarda Marsik, Bernd Arnold

photo by © JirkaS

The christening!

photo by © JirkaS

The Czech sandstone climbing legend Jiri Prcas Slavik

photo by © JirkaS

Czech climber Pavouk has already climbed all of the Saxons sandstone towers and Bernd Arnold shaking his hand.

photo by © JirkaS

Mara Holecek, another Czech climbing legend was there

photo by © JirkaS

The after party

photo by © JirkaS

The meeting place: Refugio the new climbing café and shop, Tisa, North Bohemia sandstones, Czech Republic

photo by © JirkaS


The site of the new climbing café and shop, Tisa, Nord Bohemia sandstones, Czech Republic, (which has been recently open by Czech climbing couple who spent several years in West Germany in another sandstone climbing area Pfalz) Refugio

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Lezec.cz je hlavním mediálním partnerem ČHS na internetu
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