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1. How to (Czech) climbing

What is the climbing about?

How to climbingWe start the series of articles for you who are just may be only dreaming about climbing or mountaineering or you are new beginner or perhaps you are looking for moving to higher level of the skills.

Our focus is local, that means Czech, but because the climbing passion is global let us think about it in wider context.

Many people are drawn to the sport of rock climbing because it allows them the opportunity to see the world from a unique vantage point. If you are a fitness buff who loves to travel, rock climbing can help you indulge your passion for exploration while you push yourself to reach your athletic goals.

People who fall in love with this unique sport often build their vacations around the opportunity to explore notable and exciting climbing routes, and more than one climber has traveled the world with the goal of reaching the highest peaks and enjoying the most stunning vistas on the planet. When you take up rock climbing as a pastime, you are opening up a whole new world of sightseeing possibilities.

If you are new to the world of rock climbing, the best thing you can do is gain skills in your region before you head out to more exotic locales. If you invest some time in improving your technique and becoming familiar with the tools of the trade before you hit the road, you will find you are ready to enjoy the challenges that unfamiliar terrain provides. Even if you don’t live in the midst of a stunning mountain range, with a bit of research you will probably be able to find several satisfactory climbing routes within a day’s journey, or at least close enough to be a plausible destination for a long weekend’s vacation.

If you start your rock climbing journey by finding some good routes and experienced climbers in your area, you can be sure you will be ready to make the most of the opportunities that will come your way when you do eventually travel to stunning foreign destinations.

Most veteran climbers agree that whether you are interested in “sport” climbs, which are usually short in duration and fairly easy to complete, or “trad” climbs, which are more challenging in terms of both difficulty and endurance, the ideal way to learn your way around the rocks is by following a leader who is competent and confident with climbing equipment and technique.

How to climbing

The young keen beginner (our Betty) under supervision of the veteran leader (dad) on a rock travel (Corsica)

foto by © 

Some climbers are self taught, but trying to climb without an experienced guide often leads to injuries and mistakes that could easily have been avoided if a teacher had been present. A master climber can help you achieve your goals while making sure you are taking the necessary safety precautions at every step along the way.

Thanks to the Internet, finding a ready and willing climb leader is easier today than ever. Rock climbing message boards are popping up all over the world, and spending some time reading the information on these boards can be very beneficial for both novice and experienced climbers.

By posting on a popular climbing site like here on you can find leaders here in Czech Republic and also in almost any region of the world, including yours. In addition to offering you the chance to link up with other climbers in your area, the athletes and hobbyists who frequent these websites can offer you tips on the best equipment, and firsthand accounts of what it is like to tackle the different routes in your area.

How to use Find it in specific feature article here: Newbie at Czech Climbing? Start Here! - How to about Climbing in Czech

We prepare in this series more tips not only how to began with climbing but also how to train for better performance or how to travel for your dream to exotic destination.

Just now you can check our sponsors and their ebooks about Training for Rock Climbing - Insider Secrets from Climbing Top Professionals and/or about cheap traveling Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights.

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