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Jiří Taxis Svoboda - Paměti
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hrušovanský šejkr (28.02)
HUDY bouldr cup (28.02)
Valašský pavůk 2015 (07.03)

24.Novák 10462
25.Mrázek 10456
26.Vlk 10433
24.IF 9150
25. 9056
26.Jančar 9050
13.Janák 2726
14.Jansa 2582
15.Štalmach 2560

European Youth Cup, ITA (11.08)
World Cup, Imst (AUT) (10.08)
European Youth Cup (04.08)

3816 lezců
498501 cest
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Síntomas D 7c
Vía Láctea 7c+
La Via G 7b
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Grosse Ein 8A
Neuromance 6B+

Lezecká stěna na ZŠ Wolkerova - Havlíčkův Brod
DDM Stříbro - Stříbro
Dům Ignáce Stuchlého - Fryšták

Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Perštýn - Praha 1
HUDYsport - Karlovy Vary
Rock Point - OC Nisa - Liberec


The German and Austrians leave UIAA

International mountaineering and climbing federation UIAA announces to its member organizations that the largest German and Austrian clubs: DAV, OeAV and VAVOe are leaving UIAA.

The letter of the president UIAA, who was sent this week to its national members (incl. to the Czech Mountaineering Union) says, that the German and Austrian clubs will leave UIAA after December 31st 2008. The reason given is that they do not approve of the new constitution because “… It is not the organization where our democratic principles, balance of interests and effective work for the benefit of the member associations and their associated individuals, can be guaranteed”, the UIAA president Mike Mortimer quote the reasons from the German and Austrians letter.

The UIAA president asks if the fact that after 75 years two largest federations will leave the UIAA does portent the end of the UIAA?
And he says that it "is up to us", he reminds the works from the last year e.g. partition from the IFSC, regaining the position with the International Olympic Committee, and promises: "The withdrawal of two of our largest federations will present us with financial challenges but these will be manageable. The board and the management committee will shoulder the challenges given to us by the General Assembly. Our course was charted for us by this body. This is our mandate and we must follow it!."

The full text of the letters:

The letter of the president of UIAA:
 Letter to Federations concerning DAV&Austrians - pdf

The letter of the German and Austrian clubs:
 Letter from DAV_OeAV_VAVOe Dec 2007 - pdf

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