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Vychází nové vydání knihy Julia Kugyho: Ze života horolezce
Nové průvodce světových oblastí
Vychází nová kniha Máry Holečka o Gasherbrumu I.

Pražský Opičák (04.12)
MMČR v boulderingu (07.12)

2.Konečný 12819
3.Pail 11650
4.Vopat 11621
2.Jungling 11050
3.Novák 10950
4.Stráník 10925
18.Tichý 2785
19. 2691
20.Horáček 2244

Dry Tool Cup (24.11)
MČR v lezení (27.10)
MS Innsbruck (06.09)

4578 lezců
725111 cest
Nové přelezy:
Zen Flute 7C+
Fly Boy Si 7B+
Meneo Cana 7b
Arqueológi 7c
Blomu L1 7c
Trío Ternu 8a
Devora Hom 7c+
Movin On U 5.13c
Worst Case 7C
Resident E 7C

RAJČE - Brno
gymnázium Orlová - Orlová-Lutyně
Sportareál Klíny venkovní stěna - Klíny 210

Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Poštovní - Ostrava 1
Rock Point OC Olympia - Brno


CzechClimbing.com, Lezec Rock Ranking: Adam Ondra leads

Adam Ondra and Helena Lipenska lead Lezec Rock Ranking in 2007, provided by Lezec.cz - Czech version of the web CzechClimbing.com. Tomas Mrazek is second in the rock climbing ranking, Martin Stranik is 3rd.

Tha CzechClimbing.com ranking is created by the honest records made by the climbers itself. This particular rock climbing ranking is very representative, because it is watched actively by the climbing audience with the instant feedback and among the members are almost all of the Czech elite climbers, who belong also among the top world climbers. Among the members of the LRR are also foreign climbers e.g our friends from USA, Germany, Poland and of course from Slovakia. The ranking is open for everybody who wants to compare his/her performance with the others and last but not least with some of the world's top climbers. It is functional with the same features also from the English version CzechClimbong.com with English  description.


The men's ranking (and also over all - men and women)

1. Ondra Adam - 12810 b.
Routes: 11 PP,9a PP,8b+/8c OS,8c+/9a PP,8c+/9a PP,8c+/9a PP,8b+ OS,8b+ OS,8b+ OS,8b+ OS
2. Mrazek Tomas - 12210 b.
8b+ OS,8c+ RP,8b OS,8b OS,8b OS,8c RP,8c RP,8c RP,8c RP,8a+ OS
3. Stranik Martin - 12119 b.
8c/8c+ PP,8b OS,8b OS,8b OS,8b OS,8c PP,8c PP,8c PP,11- PP,11- PP

4. Benes Ondra - 11141 b.
8b/8b+ PP,8b/8b+ PP,8b/8b+ PP,8a OS,8a OS,8b RP,8b PP,10 PP,10 PP,8b PP
5. Sindel Petr - 11066 b.
8c PP,10+ PP,8b/8b+ PP,10/10+ PP,8b PP,8b PP,7c+ OS,7c+ OS,7c+ OS,10- PP
6. Eichmeier Ales - 10960 b.
8a OS,8b PP,10 PP,10 PP,8b PP,8b PP,7c+/8a OS,7c+/8a OS,7c+ OS,7c+ OS
7. Stranik Stepan - 10840 b.
10/10+ PP,10/10+ PP,9+/10- OS,10 PP,10 PP,10- PP,9+/10- flash,8a flash,8a flash,8a flash
8. Neustupny Stepan - 10759 b.
10 PP,10 PP,10 PP,10 PP,10 PP,10- PP,9+/10- flash,10- PP,10- PP,10- PP
9. Rozsypal Ales - 10731 b.
8a OS,10 PP,10 PP,7c+/8a OS,8a+ PP,10- PP,8a+ PP,10- PP,8a+ PP,10- PP
10. Mazl Lubos - 10688 b.
8b PP,8b PP,8b PP,10-/10 PP,8a+ RP,8a flash,10- PP,10- PP,10- PP,10- PP
10. Resch Petr - 10688 b.
8c PP,10 PP,10 PP,10 PP,9+ OS,9+/10- flash,Xb OS,Xb OS,9 OS,9-/9 OS

Adam Ondra in an older photo- Shaoshing, 8a, Volx, France

photo by © Bokula

If we counted only the men the result is the same. No women entered among the list of the firsts this year.

In women's ranking it is thus:

1. Lipenska Helena - 10042 b.
8a+ RP,8a+ RP,8a+ RP,7cO S,8a RP,7c/7c+ flash,7b+ OS,7c+ RP,7c+ RP,7c+ RP
2. Mazlova Jitka - 9948 b.
8a+ PP,10- PP,9+/10- PP,9+/10- PP,8a PP,8a PP,9- OS,9+ RP,9+ RP,9+ PP
3. Ondrova Kristyna - 9916 b.
7c OS,8a PP,9+/10- PP,8a PP,8a PP,9+/10- PP,7b+ OS,7b+ OS,9- OS,9- OS

4. Vopatova Edita - 9807 b.
7c+ flash,9+/10- PP,8a PP,7b+ OS,7b+ OS,9- OS,9- OS,7b+ OS,7b+ OS,7b+ OS
5. Chudobova Katka - 9375 b.
9+/10- PP,9+/10- PP,9+PP,9+ PP,9+ PP,9/9+ PP,9 PP,9 PP,9 PP,9 PP
6. Kuhn - Gaberova Monika - 8679 b.
7b+ flash,7a+ OS,7a+ OS,7a+OS,7a+ OS,7a+ OS,9- RP,9- PP,7b+ PP,7b+ PP
7. Frankova Radka - 8171 b.
7b+ flash,7b flash,7b flash,7b/7b+ PP,7b PP,7a+ flash,7a+ flash,7a+/7b PP,6c+ OS,6c+ OS
8. Ruzickova Petra - 8056 b.
7c PP,9 PP,9-/9 PP,7b PP,7a+ flash,6c+ OS,8- OS,7a flash,7a flash,7+/8- OS
9. Jiraskova Marketa - 8053 b.
9- PP,9- PP,9- PP,8 OS,8 OS,7b PP,8- OS,8- OS,8+ PP,8 flash
10. Podhajecka Klara - 7977 b.
7a+ OS,7a OS,7a OS,7a OS,7b RP,IXa OS,6c+ OS,6c+ OS,7a+ RP,7a flash

Helena Lipenska on Rock Master, Arco, Italy

photo by © Martas

While the route ranking system is very representative, the bouldering ranking is missing some important names in it's field, so it is only illustrative of the Czech bouldering scene. 


The ranking of men (and also all together - men and women)

1. Stefanek Rosta – 11275 b.
8C solo, 8B+ solo, 8B+ solo, 8B+ solo, 8B+ solo, 8B solo, 8B solo, 8B solo, 8B solo, 8A+/8B solo
2. Ondra Adam – 10231 b.
8A+/8B solo, 8A flash, 8A+ solo, 8A/8A+ solo, 8A/8A+ solo, 7C+ OS, 8A solo, 8A solo, 8A solo, 8A solo
3. Svacha Jirka – 9825 b.
8A+ solo, 8A/8A+ solo, 8A solo, 8A solo, 8A solo, 7C+/8A solo, 7C+ solo, 7C+ solo, 7C+ solo, 7C/7C+ solo

4. Stranik Martin – 9512 b.,
7C+ flash, 8A solo, 7C OS, 7C+ solo, 7C+ solo, 7C+ solo, 7C+ solo, 7C+ solo, 7B+ OS, 7B+ flash
5. Svika Jan – 9456 b.
8A solo, 8A solo, 7C+ solo, 7C+ solo, 7C+ solo, 7C+ solo, 7C+ solo, 7B+ flash, 7B+ flash, 7C solo

Bouldering LRR - women

1. Hazukova Veronika – 7050 b.
7B+ solo, 7A+ PP, 7A+ solo, 7A+ solo, 7A RP, 7A solo, 6C+ solo, 6C+ solo, 6C+ solo, 6C solo
2. Cechova Jirina – 5871 b.
6B+ flash, 6B+ flash, 6B+ OS, 6B+ flash, 6C solo, 6C solo, 6C solo, 6B flash, 6B flash, 6B flash
3. Vorackova Eva – 5700 b.
7A solo, 6C solo, 6C solo, 6B+ solo, 6B+ solo, 6B+ solo, 6B+ solo, 6B+ solo, 6B+ solo, 6B solo

4. Jiraskova Marketa – 5625 b.
6C+/7A solo, 6C solo, 6B+ solo, 6B+ solo, 6B+ solo, 6B+ solo, 6B+ solo, 6B+ solo, 6B+ solo, 6B solo
5. Mazuchova Pavlina – 5068 b.
6C solo, 6C solo, 6B flash, 6B flash, 6A+ OS, 6A OS, 6A OS, 6A OS, 6A+ solo, 6A+ solo

Rosta Stefanek in Labak (Elbe Walley, North Bohemia, Czech)

photo by © Martas

Veronika Hazukova  in Petrohrad (West Bohemia, Czech)

foto by © JirkaS

The category 'mountains' is less developed, more for fun, and serves more like the diary space for maintaining of personal records. The definition of the counting is still under development.



1. Peto Miroslav 9 PP, 8+ OS, 9- RP, 8 OS, 8- OS, 8- OS, 8- OS, 8- OS, 8 RP, 8- RP 7912
2. Svihalek Jiri 8- AF, 7 OS, 6b OS, 7- OS, 7- OS, 6a+ OS, 6a+ OS, 7- OS, 7- OS, 7- OS 5892
3. Bernatik Ondra 6b OS, 6b OS, 6a+ OS, 6a+ OS, 7- OS, 7- OS, 6a OS, 6a OS, 6a OS, 6+ OS 5570


1. Petrlikova Yarka 7- PP, 5c OS, 3 OS, 5a -, 6a+ -, 6b - 1024
2. Gottwaldova Marketa 6+ RP, 4+ flash 563
3. Svobodova Tereza 6a RP 410

The link for the Ranking LRR.

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