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Vychází nové vydání knihy Julia Kugyho: Ze života horolezce
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Vychází nová kniha Máry Holečka o Gasherbrumu I.

Pražský Opičák (04.12)
MMČR v boulderingu (07.12)

2.Konečný 12819
3.Pail 11650
4.Vopat 11621
2.Jungling 11050
3.Novák 10950
4.Stráník 10925
18.Tichý 2785
19. 2691
20.Horáček 2244

Dry Tool Cup (24.11)
MČR v lezení (27.10)
MS Innsbruck (06.09)

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V 16 - Plzeň
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Climb Web Net meeting

North Wales

This year's annual Webclimb.net meeting (already our fifth) took place in the heart of North Wales.

UKClimbing.com hosted the event in the climbing mecca of Llamberies, where among other things we got rained on, drank beer, and even molested some stone.  The event was a great introduction for some of us who had never climbed trad routes before.

photo by © JirkaS

Despite the uncooperative weather we went step by step owards mastery of the art, eventually leading some classic E2s and E3s. It has to be said that nothing was broken, many beers were drank, and plenty of food was eaten.

And who was there? The organizers and hosts were Alan James, Jack Geldard, Mark Geistr of UKClimbing.  Attending international guests included Sarah Burmester(Klettern), Peter Holub, Jiri Sika, Stanislav Holec (Czechclimbing), Hubert Canard (Belclimb), and Petr Beal(Mountain and Water). Our dear comrade Andrew Burgoon was not able to attend this year as he was busy rendering security services to Barry Obama deep behind the North Korean border. This year saw just one new member join the group.

photo by © JirkaS

Peter Beal runs a very well visited website/blog Mountains and Water, and is a keen climber. He arrived all the way from the USA, where he lives and climbs in Boulder, Colorado.

photo by © JirkaS

photo by © JirkaS

Where did we climb?  The First day after breakfast we went to Tremadog, an extensive area next to the road.  Due to pouring rain we had to continue to another crag, which allowed us to climb under an overhang. Day two welcomed us with gray skies, but the streets were dry so some of us decided to go to Vivian quarry and some went for longer trip to Gogarth.

photo by © JirkaS

photo by © JirkaS

photo by © JirkaS

photo by © JirkaS

After we finished a very interesting route, Comes the dervish E3, 5c we also moved to Gogarth, where we climbed the route The Moon which is an eighty meters long E3, 5c. The last day showed us dark clouds and everything was wet. At the first moment we thought that we will have to be in Pete’s Eats Bar for the whole day, but after noon the sun started
to shine and rock dried completely. The closet rock area was the Slate quarry. We set out for Rainbow wall and had a great day of semi-trad climbing. We did several interesting routes like Pull my Daisy and Taken the Slate (Vivian quarry, Rainbow Wall,) Gogarth, Llamberies Pass.

photo by © JirkaS

photo by © JirkaS

photo by © JirkaS

photo by © JirkaS

Overall it was a fantastic trip, and we thank our hosts at Ukclimbing.com for the hospitality.

photo by © JirkaS

photo by © JirkaS

photo by © JirkaS

photo by © JirkaS

photo by © JirkaS


Stunning report is here UKClimbing.com

JirkaS   [edit] 18:05 21.05.2011Print 


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