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Nová kniha Medaile na chvíli o olympijském příběhu Adama Ondry
Nová kniha Lékaři na horách: neviditelní hrdinové

ČP ve skialpinismu Říčky (11.02)
Sambar Kids Cup (12.02)
ČP ve skialpinismu Kraličák (18.02)

21.Havlík 10510
22.Vlčková 10488
23.Lank 10431
21.Šmejkal 9428
22.Kalvas 9328
23.Lavička 9253
7.Sukačová 5864
8.Punčochář 5742
9.Neuwirth 5714

Světový pohár v ledolezení Švýcarsko (26.01)
Světový pohár v ledolezení Francie (20.01)
Světový pohár v ledolezení Jižní Korea (13.01)

5350 lezců
1011920 cest
Nové přelezy:
El Tractor 7c+
Los Intole 7c
Un Pasito 7b
L´Escamarl 7c+
One Winter 7c/7c+
The Kessel 7c
Mássimo Ta 7c
El Plumill 7c
Fer Fum Fa 8a
Ladrones D 7c+

Boulder Bar - Praha 7
Lezecké centrum SmíchOFF - Praha 5
Rock 'n' Wall - Plzeň

Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Poříčí - Praha 1 - Štěchovice
Rock Point OC Olympia - Brno


Diary - Richter Tom (Schreiner)

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New comment 

 My Ni**a

You are the man, keep crankin.

Cousin Andy
Zapsal: Andrew, 01:48:53 19.10.2008
 good job
Hi man!

good job, you send it!
Zapsal: , 22:24:28 21.10.2008
 good job
sorry I forgot to write my name
Zapsal: Honza, 22:26:16 21.10.2008
 Photo from Myssak
Jesus wept, oh my god, I wanna go back and smash it. Its so beautiful, that I have to post it as a photo of the day.
Zapsal: JirkaS, 02:21:10 22.10.2008
 Another hard os
Hey Tom go already home, you are already dangerously close to me :-). Congrat to Heart shaped box. Do you know that Andy is going back to RRG?
Zapsal: JirkaS, 07:24:00 30.10.2008
 Hallo Junge
Gratulation. War wohl nicht schlecht in Kentucky.
Zapsal: Ernst Richter, 22:35:33 11.11.2008
 From Czech
Hi Tom, great time in Geyibayiri, right?
Zapsal: JirkaS, 00:37:07 19.04.2009
 Turkish Delight
Ciao Tom,

So many routes in only a few days. The walls must be getting shorter.

Cousin Andy
Zapsal: Andrew, 02:58:01 21.04.2009
 The wrath of da math
Dear Sir,

You are only 6 points away from over jumping Jirka in the Zebricek. So go, go, go!

Zapsal: abbicus, 20:46:43 02.05.2009
 Prvni osm a
Hezky Tom, 8acko neni spatny.
Zapsal: Stephen Segal, 19:23:09 09.05.2009
 I wanna have your baby!
you are my hero!!!
Zapsal: Steve, 21:00:42 08.09.2009
 YOu are in shape again
Hi buddy. Sounds like I can already paste a picture of you doing Ringbanschoner on lezec. Congr.
Zapsal: JirkaS, 23:47:56 30.09.2009
Hey. Saschische Schweiz? Cool!! I hope I can see you dogg in Frankenjura.
Zapsal: JirkaS, 08:30:25 07.04.2010
 Hi dogg
I see, a looong trip to very south. I envy you. We are going to Geyik in early spring.
Zapsal: JirkaS, 23:48:42 03.12.2010
 My cousin Ted
My cousin Ted told me you were there, now the denicek confirms!
Zapsal: Andy, 14:21:34 18.12.2010
 Will be hard
To jump you over in Denicek would be hard because you have started 2011 in the great style. Congratulation.
Zapsal: JirkaS, 13:11:20 06.01.2011
 Climbing lessons
Hey Tom, I see you started climbing again. Give me a call if you would like some lessons.
Zapsal: Larry Next Level, 04:33:06 02.05.2012
 Ready for the Red
Looks like Oct will be a good month for you.
Zapsal: Larry, 14:28:00 11.08.2012
come on dud! let´s rock!!!
Zapsal: simon, 13:26:36 01.10.2012
 U are kinda good
nice Biddy Back on Stage and Kinda Kute even flash.
Zapsal: Jirka, 16:13:22 23.08.2013
Nice Tom. You are in good shape again Congratulation buddy.
<!-- -->
Zapsal: JirkaS, 21:04:47 15.10.2018

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