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European Youth Climbing Days


Two Czech kids - the 11 year old boy Adam Ondra and 9 year old girl Iva Vejmolová – won the gold cups in Arco (Italy) where the European Youth Climbing Days took place during the weekend of 29th-30th May 2004.

The both won in their categories (kids under 14) of the competition in difficulty climbing. Iva Vejmolova also got silver cup for the 2nd place in in the speed climbing event as well as the Czech boy Radovan Sifra.
Radovan could have got yet so called "potato medal" for 4th place in difficulty. The 4th was also one of the youngest 5 year old girl Betka Holcova in the Sunday competition Kid´s Rock, where kids compete in many of various climbing disciplines and skills e.g. in bouldering or speed climbing.
In the competition of foreign climbers from many countries of Europe and from Israel the fresh Czech Champion Martin Sifra run out of luck and was 7th in difficulty and 8th in speed. Similarly like Tereza Pivodova – she was 10th in difficulty and the 11th in speed.
Dominika Kovacikova who was 3rd in speed and 12th in difficulty and Jakub Svub - the 4th in difficulty, the 7th in speed - represented Slovakia.
The routes were set on the famous wall where the Rock Masters competition takes place.
Italians were relaxed organizers doing everything for the kids to be happy and for others to enjoy. For example during the winners ceremony the organizers call for all participants to come and every kid got a small gift.
I believe that the Czech representation made a good impression in Arco. The Italian e.g. noticed the phenomenon of 11 year old Adam Ondra, who onsight´s 8a+´s, and even his actual climb on the competition attracted the moderator who pointed at it.
Thanks to Italian´s organizers for excellent weekend we all enjoyed very much.

The list of the Czech team results:

Adam Ondra (1993 Sun sport, SALTIC, Singing Rock, TESLA Brno) difficulty: 1. - speed: did not start
Iva Vejmolová (1995 HO Tesla Brno) difficulty: 1. - speed: 2.
Radovan Šifra (1996 HK Sport systém Lanškroun) difficulty: 4. - speed: 2.
Martin Šifra (1991 HK Sport systém Lanškroun) difficulty: 7. - speed: 8.
Tereza Pivodová (1993 Triop Zlín, SPL Pustiměř) difficulty: 10. - speed: 11.
Alžběta Holcová (1999 - Praha) - Kid´s Rock: 4.

Slovak team:
Dominika Kováčiková (1991 MK ŠK Modra, Triop Slovensko) difficulty: 12. - speed: 3.
Jakub Švub (1997 -  CCC BBB) difficulty: 4. - speed: 7.

The full result of comp (under the 14) (Rock Junior) on European Youth Climbing Days Arco 2004 on the web of F.A.S.I. -

Adam Ondra at the 1st difficulty route

Iva Vejmolová at the 1st difficulty route

The famous wall in Arco

Radovan Šifra - difficulty

Martin Šifra - difficulty

Tereza Pivodová - difficulty

Inflatable walls

Betka Holcova at  one of the boulder, where the youngest (5 - 7 year old) children competed

Dominika Kováčiková (Slovakia) in a difficulty route.

Speed comp - Jakub Švub (Slovakia) is in the front

Adam Ondra as a winner

Iva Vejmolová with the gold cup and the Czech flag

Czech youth team: from left - Iva Vejmolová, Tereza Pivodova, Adam Ondra, Martin Sifra, Radovan Sifra, Alzbeta Holcova (there are in the front of the older youth climbers - Silva Rajfova and Kristyna Ondrova, they supported the younger co-climbers)

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 Adam Ondra 8b+01:48:01 16.06.2004
I write you from Mexico.
We read Adam Ondra recently clims an 8b+ in the red point stile. But in this page are not the notice. Is it true?.
José Julio Carmona Collins
José Julioreply 
 Re: Adam Ondra 8b+09:50:28 17.06.2004
Yes it is true. And it has been mentioned at this page at the right column. The articel is headlined Baby Basher
The link:
To by precise as I know and as it is on the video it was not RP but it was PP (pink point) - that means with carabiners clipped to bolts. Look at the video linked in the articel Baby Basher.
Standareply je hlavním mediálním partnerem ČHS na internetu
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