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SP Chamonix (08.07)
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HUDYsport - Praha 7


Nescafé Boulder Square 2004

poutCzech Championship in bouldering will take place on 25th September 2004 in Prague, on Vaclavske nam. (Wenceslas Square - down part). Update photos of new profiles!

Look at 3 photos, how we prepared competetion boulders. The tower is well known and competitors could at least at the photos look at the 3 new profiles.

Competition is organized by Boulder Bar team from Prague on known bouldering tower with three new profiles from manufacture of Pilka´s Kameny comp.
The tower and the profiles will be on a stage and under roof.

Awards are promised and the winner will leave on  scooter Kentoya.

More info is promised soon...

Visualisation (cca 5 MB, avi)   [edit] 16:38 01.09.2004Print 


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 Nescafe Boulder Square08:12:55 10.09.2004
Copy of more info from Czech version commentaries:

The competition is open, it means that anyone
can compete. But you should weigh up your chances
against the gravity. there will be a ramp with roof and big podium and 3 new profiles made by
Pilka stones company. The number of qualification
and final boulders depends on climbers attendance.Everything will be specified after
presentation /registration/. The deadline for
presentation of women is at 9:00 in the morning
and for men at 9:30. the number of qualification boulders will be already known. Time limit as well. It will be at least 4 minutes.
The NBS will start with women contest followed
by men contest. The final is scheduled to start around 18:00. After transformation of boulders
will begin the final of men, the end will be probably around 21:30.
After announcement of results will be after party
in BB. There will be exhibitions in the time between trasformation of boulders.
The admission is 150 CZK and it includes snack, lot of presents and good fun, even in izolation. :) The admission for spectators is 0
CZK, but it is advised to take some money with you, becouse there will be Nescafe and BB bars in the surrounding area and especially 15% Bouldershop discount on lot of gizmos and clothes. If anyone doesn´t want to spend money,
there will be caffe and beer in new Q-pack for free. Anyone afar who wants to sleep in Prague on
friday night, please contact Mr. Oliva on his mail:, try to write a bit in advance.The end of registration for NBS is clearly given. If you want to registrate in advance, write these information in this order:
name, surname,address,e-mail,year of birth,
sponsor and send it to Mr.Oliva.
There is also possibility to registarte in BB, V Jámě 6 on friday 24.9. from 18:00-22:00. These guys who will registrate in advance will pay the admission in izolation. Every finalist will be rewarded and the winner will get a brand new scooter from Kentoya.
Michal Kuzmiakreply je hlavním mediálním partnerem ČHS na internetu
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Kuloár Samson, přístup přes řeku k sektoru Hulk.
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