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Prachovské skály - vyšel nový lezecký průvodce
Sport climbing in Arco - nový průvodce na skalky v Arcu
The Push: příběh Tommyho Caldwella

TŘÍSCUP 2018- finále bouldrového kolotoče (30.03)
EP mládeže Voiron (07.04)
SP Meiringen (13.04)

10.Reich 11029
11."Fido" 10950
12.Mrázek 10672
10.Volf 10175
11.Štefánek 10153
12.Budinsky 10150
10.Tichý 3298
11.Brzobohatý 3288
12.Otto 3243

MČR v ledolezení na rychlost – Vírský cepín 2018 (10.03)
SP a ME ledolezení (02.03)
SP ledolezení Jižní Korea (09.02)

4425 lezců
676707 cest
Nové přelezy:
Extáze 9
Chiméra 9+/10-
Hitchhike 9/9+
The Flow 9+/10-
Půjdeme Sp 9+
Riese 7C
Okresní Př 8A
Hafty 9
Enigma 7C+
Velkej Muh 7C

Boulder Klub Pentagon - Tábor
Vertigo lezecké centrum - Bratislava
Lezecká stěna - Tábor

Rock Point OC Olympia - Brno
HUDYsport - Karlovy Vary
Lezecké centrum Vertigo - Bratislava


New Article!
Helena Lipenska was 10th in Birmingham (UK)World Cup in bouldering
smHelena Lipenska (CZ) ended today at 10th position in the finals in the World Cup competition in bouldering in Birmingham (UK).
The first women was Sandrine Levet (FRA), 2nd Olga Bibik (RUS), 3rd Ioulia Abramtchouk (RUS). ... full story
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20.03.2005 Lezec.cz
Petrohrad - Boulder Paradise
A nice article has appeared in recent issue of polish magazine Gory. ... full story
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15.03.2005 Lezec.cz
Czech Cup of youth - Trebickids
Saltic Czech Cup of youth in sport climbing - Třebíč, March 12th 2005
The results: ... full story
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14.03.2005 Lezec.cz
Czech Cup in bouldering Šumperk1st comp 2005
On Saturday March 5th there was a 1st competition of Czech Cup in bouldering 2005 in Moravian town Šumperk (East Czechia). ... full story
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08.03.2005 Krkavec
A man survive 2 hours avalanche with help of mobil phone
A man survived 2 hours under an avalanche with help of mobil phone. It happened yesterday in Czech mountains Krušné hory (Erzegebirge - the German name). ... full story
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02.03.2005 Lezec.cz
Two Czech died under avalanche
One Czech guy was buried by an avalanche on Saturday Feb 26 in High Tatras, Slovakia on snowboard freeride. The 2nd died last night under avalanche in West Tatras, Slovakia, on ski touring. ... full story
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28.02.2005 Lezec.cz
Rosťa Štefánek - the world 3rd best in combination8a.nu
Czech climber Rosťa Štefánek is the 3rd world best in ranking of site 8a.nu in combination of route climbing and bouldering. ... full story
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18.02.2005 Lezec.cz
World Best Climber Tom Mrazek launched web
smallWorld Champion and the winner of the World Cup 2004 in difficulty climbing Tomas Mrazek launched new web site. ... full story
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17.02.2005 Lezec.cz
Lanex Cup - Hejnice, Olomouckids
On Saturday (February 12) kids competed first time this year in both - Czech and Moravian - parts of regional children competition Lanex Cup. Look how it ended in Hejnice (Liberec) and Olomouc. ... full story
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15.02.2005 Lezec.cz
Avalanche impacted 2 people on Polish side of Krkokonose
An avalanche fell at Polish side of Krkonose mountains and berried at least 2 people. It was close to Maly stav lake. Update: The both Poles were found in several hours and died.
... full story
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08.02.2005 iDNES
2 Czechs Lost under Triglav (Slovenia)
Two young Czech mountaineers have been lost under Triglav in the Julian Alps (Slovenia) since last weekend Saturday Jan 29th.
... full story
 Commentaries (2)[edit]
01.02.2005 Lezec.cz
Kid Adam did new project 8b in Moravia
The kid climber Adam Ondra (Brno, Czech Republic, born February 5 1993) climbed a new project with name Tsunami and he graded it 8b in Moravia sandstones area (Czech Republic) last week. ... full story
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28.01.2005 Kraken
Police Openlead
Police Open – 1st round of Czech Cup in difficulty (lead) climbing January 15 2005. ... full story
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24.01.2005 Lezec.cz
Avalanche Hazard in some Czech mountain areas
Avalanche hazard of the 4rd grade (from the 5 grade international scale) is announced by Czech mountain rescue service in Jeseniky (Northern Moravia) and in avalanche prone spots in Krkonoše. ... full story
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24.01.2005 Lezec.cz
Avalanche Hazard in some Czech mountain areas
Avalanche hazard of the 3rd grade (from the 5 grade international scale) is announced by Czech mountain rescue service in Jeseniky (Northern Moravia) and in some avalanche prone spots in Krkonoše. ... full story
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06.01.2005 Lezec.cz


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