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35.Hapala 8753
2.Rojko 6917
3.Černý 6808
4.Punčochář 6686

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Adam Ondra sends Perlorodka, 11+The hardest route in Czech
Adam Ondra sends probably the hardest route in Czech. ... full story
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09.09.2011 JirkaS
Michi Wohlleben free climbs the hardest route on Cime Grand
smallTogether with my friend Thomas Schrott, I started in the beginning of July already to the Cime Grande. ... full story
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16.08.2011 Michi
Interview with Ines Papert
A woman from the mountains, it was the first thing what came up to my mind after I met her in Bad Schandau where she had a slide show. Ines Papert is not only four time Ice Climbing World Champion in difficulty, but also great climber, mountain climber, congenial woman and mother of ten boy who simply lives her dreams ... ... full story
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10.08.2011 Simona
Exhibition of readers photosFrom October 2010 in Brno
Exhibition of Photos by / CzechClimbing .com readers ("Fotky z Lezce") has been installed in Znojmo (Znaim), Moravian town near of Austrian border (South East of Czech Republic) in the gallery of vegetarian restaurant Na Vecnosti. ... full story
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06.08.2011 Standa Holec
Climb for lifeBone Marrow
small We would like to invite you to join a remarkable campaign in which your participation could save someone's life.
Nothing more, nothing less. ... full story
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30.05.2011 JirkaS
Climb Web Net meetingNorth Wales
This year's annual meeting (already our fifth) took place in the heart of North Wales. ... full story
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21.05.2011 JirkaS
Petrohradske PADani 2011 international bouldering competitionresults
smallAdam Ondra won the PADani 2011, the open air international bouldering competition, last weekend in Petrohrad, West Bohemia, Czech Republic. There was large international participation e.g. from Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium, Austria, France, USA, Spain, UK.
Look at results and some photos: ... full story
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02.05.2011 Petr Resch/Standa Holec
Adam Ondra - La planta de shiva 9b
On April 22 Adam Ondra has made the FA of "La planta de shiva", Villanueva del Rosario (Málaga-Spain). ... full story
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26.04.2011 Simona
Lucie Hrozova was 2nd on ice climbing World Cup in Russia
Czech women Lucie Hrozova was 2nd on the UIAA World Cup ice climbing competition on March 6th-8th, 2011 in Kirov, Russia. By this result she got 2nd place in overall final ranking of the World Cup ice climbing 2011. ... full story
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09.03.2011 Standa Holec
Lucie Hrozova was 2nd on ice climbing World Cup in Switzerland
Czech women Lucie Hrozova was 2nd on the UIAA World Cup ice climbing competition on January 21st-22nd, 2011 in Saas Fee, Switzerland. ... full story
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23.01.2011 Standa Holec
Czech Lucia Hrozova was 3rd on ice climbing World Cup in Korea
Czech women Lucie Hrozova was 3rd on the UIAA World Cup ice climbing competition on January 8th-9th, 2011 in Cheongsong, Korea. ... full story
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10.01.2011 Standa Holec
Climbing on Smichov Festival of Alpinismus in Prague
Climbing is the one of the main topics of the this year annual of the Smichov Festival of Alpinismus, that starts today in Prague. The series of the video shows was started by the lecture of the multiple World Champion in lead climbing Tomas Mrazek from Czech Republic. ... full story
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19.11.2010 Standa Holec
World Cup in lead climbing 2010 - finals in Kranj (SLO)
malyCzech Adam Ondra finished 2nd on the final World Cup competition in lead climbing 2010 in Kranj (SLO). In overall results of the entire annual Adam Ondra finished on the 3rd place. ... full story
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15.11.2010 Standa
Exhibition of readers photosFrom October 2010 in Brno
Exhibition of Photos by / CzechClimbing .com readers ("Fotky z Lezce") has been installed in Brno, Moravian metropolis (South East of Czech Republic) on exhibition hall of climbing gym Klajda. ... full story
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06.10.2010 Standa Holec
Festak 2010: resultsInternational Mountaineering Film Festival + CZ bouldering comp.
náhledThe Slovakian film Mongolia in the Shadow of Genghis Khan – (V tieni Džingischána) by Pavol Barabas was granted by the Grand Prize on the 27th International Mountaineering Film Festival (nicknamed Festak) in Teplice nad Metuji (Adrspach Rocks, Northeast Bohemia, CZ) today. ... full story
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29.08.2010 Standa Holec
Czech Lucie Hrozová sends her 2nd 8B boulder
Czech Lucie Hrozová announced her 2. boulder problem at 8B Fb grade. She did boulder Conquistador in Sklapsko area at South Moravia on East of Czechia), that was done by Czech girl Jana Vincourková last year. Lucie is the only 2nd Czech female who did this bouldering grade after the 1st Jana Vincourková. ... full story
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27.04.2021 Standa Holec
Martin Stráník did the new boulder Black Panther 8C
Czech Martin Stráník announced the new FA of the boulder problem 8C in Vesec near Liberec, North Bohemia, NW Czechia. He named it Black Panther and considers it as the one of his proudest first ascents in Czechia. ... full story
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22.04.2021 Standa Holec
World Cup in ice climbing Kirov, RUS:Czech Aneta Loužecká 7th in the finals
Czech girl Aneta Loužecká was the 7th in the finals of the World Cup competition in lead ice climbing in Kirov, Russia. Daria Glotova and Nikolai Kuzovlev won (both from Russia). ... full story
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07.03.2021 Standa Holec
Ice climbing ECH: Aneta Loužecká CZ 4th in speed, 6th in lead
Czech girl Aneta Loužecká as the only Czech representative was the 4th in speed and 6th in lead climbing on the ice climbing European Championship in Champagny-en-Vanoise, France. ... full story
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25.01.2021 Standa Holec
Snow avalanche killed ski mountaineer in Jeseniky mountains, CZ
A snow avalanche killed today a ski mountaineer in Jeseniky mountains, NE of Czechia. Avalanches in the Czech mountains are quite rare. ... full story
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15.01.2021 Standa Holec
Eliška Adamovská climbed her first 8c+
Eliška Adamovská climbed her first 8c+. She did route Pal Norte in Margalef, Spain. It is the hardest route written by Czech female in the diary on The harder route 9a climbed only Gabriela Vrablíková in 2019, but she did not enter the climb to the DB. ... full story
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29.12.2020 Standa Holec
Dry Tool Cup Brno 2020
The competition Dry Tool Cup Brno 2020 was held as the International Championship of Czechia and European Cup of lead ice climbing on Saturday near Brno, South Moravia, SE Czechia. The best Czech were Aneta Loužecká and Pavel Vrtík, who became the Czech Champions 2020. ... full story
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12.12.2020 Zoban, Standa Holec
smallGeyikbayiri is the largest sport climbing area in Turkey. The crag itself is situated 25 km from the busy tourist city of Antalya, with the only "tourists" being rock climbers! ... full story
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07.12.2019 Zbyněk Votoček
Adidas RockstarsStuttgart
International stars of the bouldering scene will gather together for the high profile adidas ROCKSTARS event on the 14th of September in Stuttgart (GER). ... full story
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07.08.2019 JirkaS
SINGING ROCK - nabídka práce / job offer: Sales Representative – Key Account Manager -ad-
Singing Rock logoSINGING ROCK is a professional and innovative producer of high quality climbing gear and personal protective equipment against fall from height. ... full story
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07.09.2018 Singing Rock
Nanga Parbat Czech Expeditionpl plans 1st ascent via Mummery Rib
Nanga Parbat Czech Expedition 2018 prepares on this summer an attempt of the parallel ascent via Diamir wall of Nanga Parbatu with two teams on two different lines: via Kinshofer and first ascent via Mummery Rib. ... full story
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24.05.2018 sth
Czech Marek Holecek goes to try 1stascent to Kyazo Ri (6186m)
Czech mountaineer Marek Holeček is going this weekend to Nepal to try to finish the first ascent on mountain Kyazo Ri (6186m). He will go there with Zdeněk Hák who will accompany him in Nepal in a month. Marek said it in an interview on web site ... full story
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28.04.2018 sth
Adam Ondra: 9a+ flash as the 1st in history
Adam Ondra did yesterday in Saint Leger du Ventouxin France the route Super Crackinette 9a+ flash, that is the 1st climb of any route in this difficulty on the 1st attempt in history of climbing. ... full story
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11.02.2018 sth
Adam Ondra the 2nd man of the Czech Athlete of the year 2017
Adam Ondra Sportovec roku 2017Adam Ondra was the 2nd among men and 7th overall in the prestige poll the Czech Athlete of the year 2017 elected by the Czech mainstream sport journalists. ... full story
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22.12.2017 sth
Adam Ondra: new 9b in Arco, Italy
Adam Ondra did FA of the route One Slap 9b in Arco, Italy. He announced it on Instagram. ... full story
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14.11.2017 sth


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