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32.Janošová 10260
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34.Lank 10215
32. 9003
33.Fišer 8978
34.Kohout 8956
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21.Neuwirth 3850
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Brainwave 8+/9-
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Festival 7b
Beaujolais 9-

Rock 'n' Wall - Plzeň
Boulder Bar - Praha 7
V 16 - Plzeň

Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Poříčí - Praha 1
Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Masarykova - Brno - Štěchovice


The forthcoming Czech W.Cup is out of collisionWorld Cup 2004
The Czech UIAA World Cup competition announced on November 12th to 14th 2004 to Moravian city Brno (East part of Czech Republic) could be held without difficulties, ... full story
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07.01.2004 StandaH
poutakJust the best in the year 2004 from the team around the ... full story
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31.12.2003 Standa Holec
BoulderMonsters 2AKG Lodz, Poland
poutákAKG Lodz, Poland, 22-23.XI.2003
BoulderMonsters 2 gathered 131 competitors. This was probably the biggest ever competition held in Poland. Most of the participants were Polish, but we had also guests – a 6 people crew from Latvia. ... full story
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08.12.2003 Peter
World Cup in Edinburghon-line
Stěna poutákUpdate Dec 9th - photos added to the galery PHOTOS.
Dec 7th 18:00 - The results of the final of men - W.C. in bouldering Edinburgh:
1. Meyer (FRA), 2. Rachmetov (RUS), 3. Mogaki (JPN), 4. Kazbekov (UKR), 5. Müller (SUI), 6. Dulac (FRA).
The whole W.C. bouldering 2003 men: 1. Mayer, 2. Rachmetov, 3. Dulac.
Dec 7th 13:30 - Vera super!
Results final women W.C. in bouldering Edinburgh:
1. Levet (FRA), 2. Bibik (RUS), Kotasova (C ... full story
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W.Cup in China on-lineShenzhen
Stěna - poutákUpdate Nov 28th - New photos e.g. angry Pouvreau kicked through the wall!
Nov 23rd 10:15 – Tomas Mrazek is the 2nd! The results of World Cup competition in difficulty climbing in Shenzhen (China, Nov 22nd and 23rd 2003):
1. Francois Auclair (FRA)
2. Tomas Mrazek (CZE)
3. Keita Mogaaki (JPN)
4. Timo Preussler (GER)
5. Vadim Vinokur (USA)
6. Patxi Usobiaga (ESP)
7. Andreas Bindhammer (GER)
8. Son Sang Won (KOR)
... full story
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On W.Cup in Kranj fight Slovaks without CzechsW.C.
Without Czech participation there was the World Cup competition in Kranj (SLO)this weekend. There were successful Slovak Juraj Repcik in quarterfinal was the 9th, but in the end in seminal he ended the 16th. ... full story
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16.11.2003 Standa
CZ Championship - climbing and bouldering - update 16th NovBrno
Update 16th Nov
The World Champion Tomas Mrazek and Tereza Kysilkova won the Czech Championship in difficulty clibing this weekend in Brno. Parallel Czech Championship in bouldering was won by Jakub Hlavacek and Vera Kotasova. Tomas Mrazek was in bouldering the second.
... full story
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Czech Championship - boulder and difficultyBrno
The Czech Championship in difficulty climbing and bouldering is going to take place in Moravian city Brno (Eastern part of Czech Republic) this weekend on November the 15th and 16th. We are prepared to bring some news coverage here on the web ... full story
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W.C. Valence - Tereza Kysilkova 20th in semifinalWorld Cup 2003
(Updated on Nov 1st)
From the Czech team only Tereza Kysilkova, the one of the best Czech woman competition climbers, entered to semifinal on Friday the first day of World Cup competition in difficulty climbing in Valence (FRA) and there ended the 20th. ... full story
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World Cup in Valence without Tomas MrazekWorld Cup 2003
The Czech best competition climber Tomas Mrazek has excused from participation on the next weekend forthcoming World Cup competition in difficulty climbing in Valence, France. ... full story
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WCup APRICA (ITA)World Cup 2003
The Czech best competition climber Tomas Mrazek had not a day - 25th possition on the World Cup difficulty climbing competition in Aprica, Italy, last weekend, best Czech girl Tereza Kysilkova fought for 12th possition. ... full story
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Boulder SeriePrague
On Saturday 27th September - The 2nd round of Boulder Serie competitions was held in Prague center. Look at actual results of finals: ... full story
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Rockmaster: Mrazek 1st on duel and 2nd in difficultyArco
The Czech best competition climber Tomas Mrazek was on Sunday the first in duel category and the 2nd in difficulty climbing o famous competition Rockmaster held this weekend in Italian Arco.
... full story
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Boulder series comp.
The date of Boulder series comp was changed!
The date had to be changed on one of the weekend's days of the September and will probably come true at Letna in Prague. Organizers apologize for inconvenience.
nejnovější info naleznete zde. ... full story
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24.09.2003 Jirous
Mrazek was the 6th in Aviles (ESP)World Cup 2003
Tomas Mrazek was the 6th on Saturday the August 23rd in the competition of World Cup in difficulty climbing in Aviles (Spain). ... full story
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