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Nová kniha Medaile na chvíli o olympijském příběhu Adama Ondry
Nová kniha Lékaři na horách: neviditelní hrdinové

SP Hachioji, Japonsko (21.04)
SP Soul, Jižní Korea (28.04)
Melloblocco (04.05)

1.Trojan 12609
2.Votoček 12275
3.Šindel 12197
1.Stráník 11553
2.Konečný 11500
3.Ondra 11484
1. 9321
2.Šebestíková 8595
3.Groš 8308

ČP obtížnost Brno (25.03)
2. ČP v bouldru Praha (11.03)
MČR ve skialpinismu Špindlerův Mlýn (11.03)

5364 lezců
1017779 cest
Nové přelezy:
Flagrand D 7C
Pennsylvan 8A
Patsamama 7b
Moon Reize 7c+
Korunovačn 7B+/7C
Pán Pravéh 8A
Nefixuj, P 7C+
Nefixuj, P 7C+
Mr. Nice 8a
Fuckbook 7C

V 16 - Plzeň
Rock 'n' Wall - Plzeň
Big Wall - Praha 9 - Vysočany

Shops - Štěchovice
Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Perštýn - Praha 1
Rock Point Plzeň Americká - Plzeň


Marek Holeček got prestige award Piolet d'Or 2018 for Gasherbrum
Czech mountaineer Marek Holeček got prestige award Piolet d'Or 2018 today for the first ascent of the route on Gasherbrum I (8068 m) in Pakistan, he did last year with the Czech Zdenek Hak who could not attend ceremonial because of illness. ... full story
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22.09.2018 Standa Holec
Arco Rock Legends 2018: Adam Ondra got Rock Award again
Adam Ondra has got Arco Rock Legends Award again today on the ceremony during Arco Rock Master for he is the first athlete ever to climb a 9c, the one is the cave in Flatanger, Norway. ... full story
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27.07.2018 sth
Video with Marek Holeček and Satisfaction! on Gasherbrum I8068 m ED+, M7,WI5+, 70° 3000m
Look at the video of the Czech mountaineer Marek Holeček about the first ascent on Gasherbrum I (8068 m), he did after years of attempt with the climbing partner Zdenek Hak. The route Satisfaction! Suggested grade ED+ (M7,WI5+), 70°, height 3000 meters: ... full story
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15.10.2017 sth
Marek Holeček: Satisfaction! on Gasherbrum I 8068 m ED+, M7,WI5+, 70° 3000m
Marek Holeček published the details to the first ascent on Gasherbrum I (8068 m), he did after years of attempt with the climbing partner Zdenek Hak. They named the route Satisfaction! (Im memory of Zdenek Hruby), they suggested the grade as ED+ (M7,WI5+), 70°, height 3000 meters. ... full story
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14.08.2017 Standa Holec
Adam Ondra climbs another 9b: Stoking the Fire in Spain
Czech Adam Ondra climbed another hard grade route 9b in Santa Linya, Spain. ... full story
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19.02.2016 Standa
Czech Lucie Hrozova climbs mix route Saphira M 15- in USA
Saphira M 15- a Lucka HrozováCzech Lucie Hrozova did the world first climb of the hard mix route Saphira M 15- in Vail, Colorado. ... full story
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16.02.2016 Standa
Czech Libor Hroza the 5th as the Athlete of the Year 2015
smallCzech speed climber Libor Hroza finished on the 5th place in the poll of the IWGA Athlete of the Year 2015. He was the only Czech and the only climber on the shortlist of 18 athletes nominated by the International World Games Association. ... full story
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01.02.2016 Standa
Czech girl Lucie Hrozova won ice climbing competition in USA
smallCzech girl Lucie Hrozova won ice difficulty climbing competition in USA. There took place the ice climbing festival "elite mixed climbing competition" in Ouray, Colorado, on weekend on January 16-17, 2016. ... full story
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20.01.2016 Standa Holec
Czechs did 1000 m 7c+ multipitch in Oman
smallCzech climber Ondra Benes and his friend did a new 1000 metres long multi pitch route in the wall of Jabal Misht in Oman, "The provisional name of the route is 'Boys do not cry!' and difficulty would be around 7c+. ... full story
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15.01.2016 Standa Holec
13 deads in Slovak Tatras mountains
VZZS TatryFrom December 23rd to January 4th mounatin rescuers in Slovak mointains recorded 152 accidents, including seven fatal in Tatras mountains. Another six dead has been recorded in Polish side of the mountains. ... full story
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Adam Ondra did probably the hardest route in Bohemia, CZPredator 9a+
Adam OndraAdam Ondra climbed yesterday probably the hardest route in Bohemia, West part of Czech Republic. He sent his new project Predator 9a+ PP in limestone area Srbsko, near Prague. ... full story
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20.11.2015 Standa Holec
Adam Ondra (CZ) won the World Cup in lead climbing in Kranj
smallAdam Ondra won the World Cup competition in lead climbing in Kranj, Slovenia, and the overall World Cup in lead climbing for the season 2015. ... full story
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Arco Rock Masters 2015: Adam Ondra won Duel
Rock MasterCzech Adam Ondra won the legendary Rock Master Duel competition and also got La Sportiva Competition Award. ... full story
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Results of the 32nd International mountaineering film festival
Winners of the 32nd International mountaineering film festival in Teplice nad Metuji (Adrspach), Nord East Bohemia, Czech Republic. ... full story
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European Championship Chamonix (FRA)
Adam Ondra (CZE) was 2nd, Ramón Julian Puigblanque (ESP) won on lead climbing on European Championship in Chamonix (FRA). In speed Czech climber Libor Hroza won. ... full story
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Zdeněk Hák and Jakub Kácha climbed the west wall to Ama Dablam
Czechs Zdeněk Háček Hák and Jakub Kácha climbed the direttissima west wall of Ama Dablam (6812 m). Yesterday they descended to the second altitude camp of the normal route and today to the base camp. They climbed a direttissima west wall called American Direct, which was first climbed in 1990, as specified by Háček's sponsor Climbing Technology CZ this afternoon. ... full story
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13.11.2021 Standa Holec
Czech lead climbing championship in Brno
Adam Ondra and Eliška Adamovská won the Czech Republic lead climbing championship in Brno today. The second were Martin Stráník and Michaela Smetanová, the third Šimon Potůček and Nikola Králíková. ... full story
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24.10.2021 Standa Holec
Czech Speed Climbing Championships in Brno
Rishat Khaibullin and Tereza Cibulková won the Czech Republic Speed Climbing Championships in Brno yesterday. Kazakh Rishat Khaibullin set a time of 5,682 seconds in qualifying, which is only a few tenths of the world record (it is 5,208 s and is held by Indonesian Veddriq Leonardo from this year's World Cup in Salt Lake City). ... full story
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18.10.2021 Standa Holec
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic:Czech climbers stranded in Pakistan are returning home
The two Czech climbers Jakub Vlček and Petr Macek, who got stuck in Pakistan after climbing Rakaposhi and the subsequent action to save them, "are returning home after difficult negotiations", Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhánek said on Twitter a moment ago.
"I would also like to thank the Pakistani side for its helpfulness and at the same time emphasize that everyone abroad is responsible for its actions," wrote Min ... full story
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10.10.2021 Standa Holec
Czech Championships in bouldering in Slaný Adam Ondra and Eliška Adamovská won
Adam Ondra and Eliška Adamovská won today the Czech Bouldering Championship in Slaný. The second were Martin Stráník and Michaela Smetanová, the third Štěpán Volf and Markéta Janošová.
Adam Ondra and Eliška Adamovská were the only ones to give all four tops in the finals. ... full story
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25.09.2021 Standa Holec
Climbing World Championship 2021Martin Stráník in difficulty 4th, Eliška Adamovská is 9th
Martin Stráník finished tonight at the 4th place in the finals of lead climbing on the World Climbing Championships in Moscow. Eliška Adamovská finished 9th in the semifinals. Austrian Jakob Schubert and South Korean Seo Chaehyun won. In second place were Slovenian Luka Potocar and American Natalia Grossman, in 3rd place were British Hamish McArthur and Italian Laura Rogora. ... full story
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21.09.2021 Standa Holec
Ascent to Rakaposhi (7788 m) by a Czech-Pakistani expedition
The Czech-Pakistani expedition on Facebook informed about the successful ascent to the Pakistani mountain Rakaposhi (7788 m), which has an extraordinary elevation of about 6,000 meters from the foot to the top. ... full story
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11.09.2021 Natálie
International Mountaineering Film Festival in Teplice nad Metujíresults of the film competition 2021
Slovak film Unwanted self-portrait (Nechcený autoportrét) by Rasťo Hatiar yesterday received the Grand Prix of the film competition of this year's International Mountaineering Film Festival in Teplice nad Metují, Czech Republic. ... full story
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30.08.2021 Standa Holec
Rock Master Arco: Adam Ondra won Boulder KOStefano Ghisolfi then won the Lead Duel
Adam Ondra won the Boulder KO at the legendary Arco Rock Master competition today, Martin Stráník was in boulder 2nd. Italian Laura Rogora won the women's boulder, Eliška Adamovská finished in 8th place. In the evening, the following lead duel was won by Italian Stefano Ghisolfi and Slovenian Mia Krampl. Adam Ondra was 3rd in the duel, but still 1st overall. ... full story
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27.08.2021 Standa Holec
European Bouldering Cup Krakow, PolandMarkéta Janošová 8th
Markéta Janošová was the best of Czechs at the European Bouldering Cup in Krakow, Poland today. She finished in 8th place in the semifinals. Šimon Potůček finished in the semifinals the 19th. Our others did not advance from the qualification. German Anna Lechner and Frenchman Mathieu Ternant won. ... full story
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08.08.2021 Standa Holec
European Bouldering Cup today and tomorrow in Krakow, Poland live video stream
The European Bouldering Cup is being held today and tomorrow in Krakow, Poland, with Czech participation, and is broadcast live on Facebook. According to the registration, Šimon Potůček, Štěpán Potůček, Eliška Bulenová, Markéta Janošová and Adéla Bajerová are to introduce themselves at the start. ... full story
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07.08.2021 Standa Holec
Climbing at the Olympics - qualificationAdam Ondra advances to the finals
Adam Ondra made it to Thursday's finals with the result in the qualification of lead climbing. According to the results of the combination, even before the end of this third climbing discipline, it turned out that he would be the worst 6th in the triple combination, and finally the 5th out of a total of 8 advancing to the finals. In the lead itself, Adam was finally 4. ... full story
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03.08.2021 Standa Holec
Adam Ondra has arrived in Tokyo, acclimatized and feels good
Adam Ondra has arrived in Tokyo, is acclimatizing to the Olympic Village and says he feels "suspiciously good". Adam's team on Facebook informs about it: ... full story
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29.07.2021 Standa Holec
Vojta Trojan climbed his fourth 9a: Pornographie in Ceuse
Czech Vojta Trojan climbed his fourth 9a, the route Pornography in Ceuse, France. ... full story
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25.07.2021 Standa Holec
World Cup in lead climbing in Briançon, FRA:Eliška Adamovská has gold, Martin Stráník bronze
Eliška Adamovská won today the World Cup in lead climbing in Briançon, France, Martin Stráník finished third in the finals. ... full story
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18.07.2021 Standa Holec


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