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Legenda jménem Chroust, publikace o životě Vladimíra Procházky
Metodika základů lezení na umělé stěně
Křest lezeckého průvodce Vltavská žula

Olympijská kvalifikace Budapešť (20.06)
SP v paralezení Innsbruck (24.06)
SP Innsbruck (26.06)

12.Klapal 11109
13.Vlk 11063
14.Gulášek 11019
12.Kučera 9950
13.Lebeda 9884
14.Chejn 9875
24.Novotný 2660
25.Y 2639
26.JPPP 2485

MČR obtížnost (01.06)
ČP obtížnost Praha (18.05)
Olympijská kvalifikace Šanghaj (16.05)

5584 lezců
1109944 cest
Nové přelezy:
Nuda V Jab 9
Reinkarnac Xc
Zumbul 7b
Kupr Párty 9+
Hattori Ha 11-/11
Wiesz Co J 7C+
Lochverstä 9+
Brent Spar 9-
Brennpunkt 9
Zitterback 9-

Dap Sport - Hradec Králové
Olberg lezecká stěna - Blansko
DDM Domino - Hronov

Rock Point Ostrava Avion - Ostrava jih - Štěchovice
Ksport - Třinec


Petrohradske Padani international bouldering competition 2015results
Brief results of the 14th annual of PADani 2015, the open air international bouldering competition, in Petrohrad, West Bohemia, Czech Republic ... full story
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Czechs did first ascent on Poincenot, Patagonia
HudyCzech mountaineers Jindrich Hudecek and Michal Brunner finished first ascent on Aguja Poincenot (3002 m) in Patagonia on February 2nd, 2015. The new route "Invisible Line" is 7a A1 hard and 400 m long. ... full story
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Czech Championship in speed ice climbing 2015: Milan Dvoracek and Lucie Hrozova win
Lucie Hrozova and Milan Dvoracek won the Czech Championship in speed ice climbing 2015, that took place on Saturday February 14th, on ice wall in Vir, CZ. ... full story
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15.02.2015 Standa
Krkavec 8B A new boulder in High Tatra
smallAdam Ondra climbed a new difficulty 8B named Krkavec, 8B boulder in Zlomisko valley in High Tatra last week. see the video ... full story
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22.08.2014 JirkaS
Adam's new hard routeMoravian Karst
smallAdam Ondra sent his old project in Moravian Karst and established a new grade in UIAA. ... full story
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10.12.2013 JirkaS
Change 9b+Adam Ondra
smallA new breathtaking movie from Norway trip of Adam Ondra is going to be ready soon. ... full story
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07.03.2013 JirkaS
World Championship in climbing, FranceCzechs were 2nd and 3rd
smallCzech Libor Hroza was 2nd in speed and Adam Ondra in lead at the World Championship in sport climbing in France. ... full story
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18.09.2012 Standa Holec
EYC in speedPieve, Italy
smallBronze, silver and twice gold medal in Italian Pieve di Cadore. ... full story
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16.08.2012 JirkaS
Lynn Hill in Prague
Lynn Hill the best women climber was in Prague last week. An extensive interview with her is going to be here in few days. ... full story
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08.04.2012 JirkaS
Adam Ondra interviewBy Peter Beal
smallI have interviewed a substantial number of important figures in contemporary climbing in my writing career. ... full story
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13.03.2012 Peter Beal
The Wizard's Apprenticea critical review
smallSeveral years ago I got the chance to interview Adam for an American climbing magazine. At the time his exploits were just becoming known to the world, but his talent was already well known in the Czech climbing community. ... full story
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03.02.2012 Andrew Burgoon
The Wizard´s ApprenticeFilm on sale
smallA documentary movie about Adam Ondra´s way to the top of world´s sport climbing scene. ... full story
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13.01.2012 martan
European Youth Cup 2011Pau (FRA)
smallZdeněk Ustohal (15) finished second in the European Cup in Youth B (12.-13.11.2011). ... full story
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16.11.2011 martan
Adam OndraTerranova, 8C+
smallAdam Ondra who is in the lead of both rankings (difficulty and boulder), sent before the weekend his longterm project in Moravian Karst. ... full story
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14.11.2011 Jirka Sika
Adams sister sends Kudlanka 10+
Sister of Adam Ondra, Kristyna Ondra has sent a remarkable route in her local area in Moravian Karst.
... full story
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17.10.2011 JirkaS
World Cup in lead climbing in Chamonix, FRA:Martin Stráník was 3rd
Martin Stráník finished third today in the finals of the World Cup in lead climbing in Chamonix, France. ... full story
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13.07.2021 Standa Holec
European Youth Cup lead climbing Puurs, BelgiumCzechs have a gold and bronze medal
The gold and bronze medals are brought by The Czech representatives from the weekend competition of the European Youth Cup in climbing on difficulty in Puurs, Belgium. Barbora Bernardová (in the category of girls B) has gold, Nikola Králíková (juniors) has bronze. ... full story
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05.07.2021 Standa Holec
World Cup in lead climbing, Innsbruck, Austria
Adam Ondra badly ends up in 8th place of the World Cup in lead climbing, Innsbruck, Austria today. Jakob Schubert won. ... full story
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25.06.2021 Jirkas
European Youth Cup lead climbing Ostermundigen, Switzerland
Another weekend, another international race and another load of medals! On the weekend of 19 - 20 June 21, another round of the European Youth Cup in lead climbing took place in Ostermundigen, Switzerland, where the Czech Repre won two golds and silver. ... full story
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23.06.2021 Michaela Košatková
European Youth Cup lead climbing Imst, Austria
Two gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal are brought by our representatives from the weekend competition of the European Youth Cup in lead climbing in Imst, Austria. ... full story
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13.06.2021 Standa Holec
Heavenly trap
Hi, I am sending you the first more detailed information from our spring trip to the Himalayas. The goal of "Radar" (Radoslav Groh) and me was the Western wall of Baruntse (7129m), rising from the Hunku valley, in Khumbu region. ... full story
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10.06.2021 Mára Holeček
Adam Ondra quit the WC in bouldering in USA for shoulder injury
Adam Ondra did a last minute decision to not attend this round of the bouldering World Cup in Salt Lake City today because he hurt lightly his shoulder in the finals last week and he do not want to risk a serious injury. He informed about on Facebook: ... full story
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29.05.2021 Standa Holec
Czechs Marek Holeček & Radek Groh climbed new route on Baruntse
Czech mountaineers Marek Holeček and Radek Groh climbed a new route via north west face of mount Baruntse (7162 m) in Nepal. After the top they begin descent down, but bad weather stucked them in about 7000 metres. They reported yesterday at Facebook: ... full story
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26.05.2021 Standa Holec
World Cup in bouldering in Salt Lake City: Adam Ondra won
Adam Ondra won today the World Cup competition in bouldering in Salt Lake City, USA. It is his 2nd victory in row. He did 4 tops as the only one in the finals. Mejdi Schalck (FRA) was the 2nd, Jakob Schubert (AUT) 3rd. ... full story
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23.05.2021 Standa Holec
Youth European Championship in climbingCzech Barbora Bernardová got gold, Lukáš Mokroluský bronze
Barbora Bernardová won today her category on the Youth European Championship in lead climbing in Perm, Russia. From the Czech boys in the last part of the event Lukáš Mokroluský was the most succesfull with the 3rd place in lead climbing. According to the overall results Czech girl Markéta Janošová was 2nd in climbing combination. ... full story
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05.05.2021 Standa Holec
Adam Ondra: video of projecting "the hardest 8B+ in the Galaxy"
Adam Ondra published new video from the attempts in a quarry in his hometown Brno-Maloměřice on boulder project, that could be "the hardest 8B+ in the Galaxy" according to Adam. ... full story
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04.05.2021 Standa Holec
Youth European Championship in speed climbingBarbora Bernardová 14th as the Czech best
Barbora Bernardová finished the 14th as the Czech best in the Youth European Championship in speed climbing in Perm, Russia, today. ... full story
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03.05.2021 Standa Holec
First ascent from North to Kangchung Shar (Himalayas)
Czech mountaineers Zdeněk "Háček" Hák and Jaroslav "Banán" Bánský climbed the first ascent from the North to the top of the six thousand metres mountain Kangchung Shar in Nepal. They finished the ascent via the south side of the mountain. This is the first traverse of the massive at all. ... full story
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30.04.2021 Zuzka Háková
Video: Martin Stráník and boulder Black Panther 8C
Look at the new video from the now boulder problem Black Panther 8C by Martin Stráník in Vesec near Liberec, North Bohemia, NW Czechia. ... full story
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29.04.2021 Standa Holec
Adam Ondra and Stefano Ghisolfi: interview on Youtube
Adam Ondra and his friend Italian elite climber Stefano Ghisolfi talks about top climbing in one hour long interview, that Adam Ondra published on his YouTube channel. ... full story
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28.04.2021 Standa Holec


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