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Dry Tool Cup 2021 (04.12)
Polabský pavouk 2021 (11.12)
SP Moskva (01.04)

17.Lachman 10675
18.Kalvas 10656
19.Jakubcova 10625
17.Jurča 9825
18. 9806
19.Kratochvíl 9700
26.Jansa 2401
27.S 2382
28.Burian 2354

EP ledolezení Bern (12.11)
Akademické MČR lezení na obtížnost (11.11)
MMČR v lezení na obtížnost (23.10)

5195 lezců
939066 cest
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Petrohrad Granit competition

2nd (Petrohrad Falling)

Petrohrad Padání (Petrohrad Falling) held in Petrohrad Czech Republic was the largest celebration of bouldering sport

in the Czech Republic. Professional and amateur athletes from whole country were competing in bouldering on 2nd annual championship. The organizer had organize a good competition. There were more then 100 boulder problems introduced to the participants in qualification. Of coures the area was brand new and therfore everybody climbed on sight.
The difficulty range varied from 4 s up to 7C+ Fb classification.

There were 70 participants

This year's climbing competition had the ever popular difficulty bouldering and two new events – a Tick tracker competition ( who will catch more ticks) and The Memorial of Martin Čermak ( who is the biggest liar) .


Bouldering is tough

Bouldering is also enjoyable

Aron Urbanics (Hungary) - the only competitor from foreign country

Luboš Mázl

Rosťa Štefánek

Andrej Chrastina

Andrej Chrastina



1. Andrej Chrastina
2.-3.Karel Černý
2.-3.Rosťa Štefánek
4. Aron Urbanics (Hungary)


All participants had fun, dont feel like competition, bravo to the Peter Resch and Karel Hegr the organizers.
Hope that this competition will be organize every year.

The list of main results:

1. Zuzka Ulrichová 103 points in qualification
2. Monča Kuhn-Gaberová 95
3. Jana Stehlíková 33
4. Alena Kabátová 32
5. Jana Tůmová 17

1. Andrej Chrastina in final 3 tops on 6 atempts
2.-3. Karel Černý
      a Rosťa Štefánek 2 T / 2 a
4. Aron Urbanics (HU)          2 T / 5 a
5. Luboš Mázl 0
(all finalists in qaulification over 400 points)
6. Zdeněk Resch 389 points in qualification
7. Síga Švarzkop 338
8. Martin Dočkal 333
9. Jan Smoleň 299
10. Jarda Straka 284
11. Jirous Přibil 279
12. Marek Rottenborn 274
13.-14. Kuba Hlaváček
          and Martin Spilka 249
15. Lasco Bence 212
16. Honza Hlaváček 194
17. Honza Švika 179
18. Radim Nosek 177
19.-21. Hop,
David Kozel,
Vašek Kučírek 174
22. Jirka Sika 173
23. Láďa Šauli 170
24. Hynek Charvát 169
25. Honza Černý 129
26.-27. Martin Pelikán
          and Petr Piechowicz 104

JirkaS   [edit] 12:20 25.05.2004Print 


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 visitors?00:38:50 10.06.2004
hi, have read your article on petrohrad grit, think it looks really good. a few of us from england are thinking of coming over between july-september. is this a good time? can anyone offer any advice, airports, car hire etc or even a tour? none of us can speak czech i'm afraid and limited german. thinking of a long weekend or maybe a week. any informatioin is welcome. cheers guys
 Re: visitors?10:02:19 11.06.2004
Summer is good for the visit. The stones are mostly in wood shadows. JirkaS as the better expert is going to answer you by email. If you will need any help in coordination of the trip I can do it for you, I live in Prague so it can be helpfull to arrange something from here.
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