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Křest lezeckého průvodce Vltavská žula
Legenda jménem Chroust, publikace o životě Vladimíra Procházky
Metodika základů lezení na umělé stěně

Olympiáda (05.08)
Cena horolezeckého festivalu (24.08)
SP Koper (06.09)

1.Ondra 13491
2.Šindel 12347
3.Votoček 12318
1.Konečný 11150
2.Stráník 11106
3.Volf 11031
1.Groš 8067
2.Rojko 7058
3.Černý 6808

SP Briançon (17.07)
SP Chamonix (12.07)
Akademické mistrovství ČR (27.06)

5604 lezců
1117649 cest
Nové přelezy:
Heathersag 9+/10-
Kleiner Ro 9+/10-
Bourinator 8a
Královna O 7C
Freischwim 8+/9-
Mein Gott 7b+
L´Ami Caou 8a
Tout N´Est 7c+
Uniqueaumo 7c
Uniqueaumo 7c

Big Wall - Praha 9 - Vysočany
Boulder Bar - Praha 7
V 16 - Plzeň

Rock Point Plzeň Americká - Plzeň
Rock Point OC Olympia - Brno - Štěchovice


Festak 2004

How was it?

The film named Vertical Frontier, which is about the history of climbing in Yosemites, won the mountaneering films category of the International Mountaineering Film Festival (also known as Festak). The event took place last weekend (August 26th-29th) in Teplice nad Metují, the north-eastern Czech town. The visitors trophy was awarded to the Austrian film called The Trip.

The Trip is a story about four young climbers and their three months long trip across Europe.
Besides climbing and bouldering they also tried ice climbing, paragliding and surfing. I enjoyed this film because it offers inspiration on what to do in areas from the North of Europe in Norway to the South of Spain.

Full results:

The main trophy:
The escape over Himalaya / Flücht uber den Himalaya
Maria Blumencron - Germany

Category A – mountaineering sports:
Vertical Frontier
Kristi Denton Cohen – Peloton Productions

Category B – Outdoor sports
not awarded

Category C – Man and mountains
Radek Popelka – Czech Republic

Jury award
In the shadow of K2 / W cieniu K2
Robert Wichrowski – Poland

Extraordinary award of the jury
Tatry mystérium
Pavol Barabáš – Slovakia

Unoficial opinion of the jury
Golden Ice Axe or one for the all, all for .../Zlatý cepín aneb jeden za všechny, všichni za...
Lubomír Slavík – Czech Republic

The visitor award
The Trip
Armin Buchroithner, Christoph Hoerner a Stefan Ribitsch - Austria

Trophy of the town Teplice nad Metují
Mount Poi – big thing
Jochen Schmoll – Germany&Kenia

One of the projections starts

The bike race 

The Trophy

Mr Photographer Petr Pepe Piechowicz in action (he also presented his work in the exhibition of pictures from Mali)

VIP´s: the Chairman of the Czech Mountaineering Association Jiri Novák (left) talking to Jiri Ruzicka, the founder of the Czech climbing magazine Montana

Competitors without competition: Jan Zbranek and Lucie Rajfova and a puppy, which they brought from Bulgaria, where they competed a week ago during the Festival in Veliko Tarnovo. (The Czech Cup competition which should take place during the Festival in Teplice was canceled in the last days because of the lack of money for transportation of the climbing wall.)

The Cinema

Evening dances

Some climbing in the end. Letecká route on Milenci Tower (Lovers Tower, (after some rainy days the weather got better in the end on Saturday/Sunday )

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