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Nová kniha Medaile na chvíli o olympijském příběhu Adama Ondry
Nová kniha Lékaři na horách: neviditelní hrdinové

SP skialpy Cortina d’Ampezzo ITA (06.04)
SP Šanghaj (09.04)

20.Stribrny 10644
21.Drbohlav 10628
22.Slezáková 10588
20.Šolc 9459
21.Šípek 9378
22.Petrík 9353
22. 3476
23.Tučka 3374
24.Drahota 3282

2. ČP v bouldrech Praha (02.03)
ČP v bouldrech Praha (17.02)
MS ledolezení (16.02)

5512 lezců
1084020 cest
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Makak LBC - zrušena - Liberec
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HUDYsport - Havířov
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Photos from Adam Ondra´s climb of multi-pitch Silbergeier 8b+

smLook at a few photos of Adam Ondra in the mountain multi-pitch route Silbergeier 8b+, which he climbed besides the other extreme ascents two weeks ago during one day of the practising (look at the article from August 5th 2007).

Adam Ondra at the 4th  pitch of Silbergeier

Adam Ondra at the 4th  pitch of Silbergeier

Adam Ondra at the crux 5th pitch of Silbergeier

Adam Ondra at the crux 5th pitch of Silbergeier

Adam Ondra at the crux 5th pitch of Silbergeier

Adam Ondra under the 5th belaying position of Silbergeier

Adam Ondra under the 5th belaying position of Silbergeier

The view at the range of Kurchlispitze

The view from the 5th belaying position of Silbergeier at Schweizereck with the route Zub za zub

A couple of additional facts:

25.7. 2007 Adam warmed up in the route Antihydral 8b (L1 7c, L2 8b, L3 7b+, L4 7c, L5 7b, L6 8a+), in the crux pitch the crux hold had broken and in the 2nd attempt too, the other pitches were sent OS, but Adam did not try to repeat the route so he did not send it. The climbing partner was a Czech extreme big wall climber Ondra Benes. The route Antihydral was the many years project, which was only free climbed by Harald Berger and has not been repeated yet.

27.7. Silbergeier - L1 8b/b+ - PP - 3 attempts, L2 7c+/8a flash, L3 8a+  flash, L4 7a+ flash, L5 8b+ PP - 2 attempts, L6 7c+/8a PP (short practising of the beginning, the rest flash). The entire ascent lasted about 8 hours, it was the shortest climb of the route forever. The climbing partner was Ondra Beneš.

29.7. Zub za zub (Tooth for tooth) - L1 7b+ OS, L2 6c+ OS, L3 8b+ PP 3 attempts , L4 7a OS, further via 4 UIAA to the small tower. The climbing-belaying partner was Miroslav Ondra. It is the first free climb of the route which was made in 2004 by Sobotka, L.Mazl, O.Benes, M.Rosecky.   [edit] 21:52 06.08.2007Print 


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