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Pražský Opičák (04.12)
MMČR v boulderingu (07.12)

1.Ondra 13722
2.Konečný 12819
3.Pail 11650
1.Stráník 11600
2.Jungling 11050
3.Novák 10925
1.Skopec 6646
2.Švihálek 5970
3.Šuraba 5520

Dry Tool Cup (24.11)
MČR v lezení (27.10)
MS Innsbruck (06.09)

4578 lezců
724865 cest
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Los Francé 7b+
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Maricon El 7b
Super Zeb 7c

SAUNA - Plzeň
Big Wall - Praha 9 - Vysočany
V 16 - Plzeň

Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Perštýn - Praha 1
Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Masarykova - Brno
Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Poříčí - Praha 1



 Climbing Partner26.08.2006

I've recently arrived in Praha and I'm looking for some people to climb with.  I climb fairly easy stuff and have a sports rack.  I've climbed all over the world, but will be in Praha for a year teaching.

 Re: Climbing Partner29.08.2006
Hi James,

I just moved to Prague in Aug. My wife is an international school teacher
 Re: Climbing Partner10.10.2006
Hi, I just arrived in Prague and I will be here on a secondment till the middle of November. I have

 Bouldering in sandstone21.08.2006
I'm looking for good bouldering in Czech Republic especially in sandstone ( I've been in Petrohrad :) does anyone knows some places mayby near Teplice or elseware sand me some info on the_notic@o2.pl THANKS!!!
 Re: Bouldering in sandstone22.08.2006
Hi Pedro,

There is a sandstone bouldering area in the north of bohemia called snežní
 Re: Bouldering in sandstone23.08.2006
You can download pdf topo for Sněžník from this site http://nuborn.net/dcs/pdf/dcs_topo_03.pdf
  Re: Bouldering in sandstone31.08.2006
P.S. climbing around river Elbe http://www.chyty.web3.cz/pruvodce/pruvodcemain.htm

 Looking for climbing buddy19.08.2006
Hi. We are Corey & Marie from Malaysia & Canada respectively and we just moved to Prague & currently living in Pruhonice. We are average sport climbers who climb around 6a-6b (French). Since we are new here & would like to look for any cli

 Car Crushed in Colorado26.07.2006

I am looking to get in touch with a Czech climber, Tomasz Hecko, whose car was crushed by a falling rock in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado, about a month ago. I would like to do a small news story for Climbing Magazine, and am trying t
 Re: Car Crushed in Colorado04.12.2008
did you ever get in contact with Tom?

 climbing stores in prague18.07.2006
Hi, I will be goning to prague soon are there any good climbing shops there?

Thanks, Martin
 Re: climbing stores in prague29.07.2006
Here are some web pages for the best (IMHO) climbing shops. Most are in Czech, but you should be ab
  Re: climbing stores in prague22.10.2006

 best climbing area11.07.2006
Hi! Urgent: Which sport climbing area do you recommend for a  week's visit in Czech Republic? I'm cming on Friday, so I need a quick answer.THX

 Re: best climbing area14.07.2006
Depends on the the area where you are - Prague or East or West of the country?. Around Prague I reco
 Re: best climbing area08.01.2007
The best area for bouldering is Petrohrad near Jesenice 70 km east from Prague.

 Adrrocks "08.07.2006
I would like to climb in Adrspach.
How would it be there the next weeks ?
Last time there was a lot noisy schoolkids  occupying the most of Camp Stransky .. And hardly no one for serious climbing ??
  Does any of You hav
 Re: Adrrocks "14.07.2006
I was there with a friend the last weekend, and camp was without problem, we did some some climbing

 where to go27.06.2006
My girlfriend and I are visiting Czech Rep. in September for about a week, where should we gor for some sport climbing? Is there a guidebook and where can we buy it? I Speek fluent Polish so it doesn't have to be in English. Dziekuje

 Trekking in Nepal02.06.2006
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 Climbing and slacklining23.05.2006
Im looking for someone to go climbing with for weekend trips. i live in prague and have only been going indoor climbing due to not having enough equipment with me here. So if you heading out of prague for some weekend and have room in your car email me. <

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 Climbing Partner

I've recently arrived in Praha and I'm looking for some people to climb with.  I climb fairly easy stuff and have a sports rack.  I've climbed all over the world, but will be in Praha for a year teaching.


Seifer14:59:52 26.08.2006
 Re: Climbing Partner
Hi James,

I just moved to Prague in Aug. My wife is an international school teacher too. I'm also looking for climbing partner. Email or call me to hook up for some climbing.
Cell : 420 776 029 852
rockon22:31:48 29.08.2006
 Re: Climbing Partner
Hi, I just arrived in Prague and I will be here on a secondment till the middle of November. I have taken my shoes and harness and a figure-of-8 and i was thinking of at least going to an indoor wall for practicing while i am here. My colleagues told me about nice outdoor places close to Prague for climbing as well. I climb relativele easy routes as well.

Write me to minotavar@gmail.com if you wish.

Mina14:33:13 10.10.2006

Lezec.cz je hlavním mediálním partnerem ČHS na internetu


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