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 Looking for czech brand23.10.2004
this may sound as a stupid and vague question, but I am looking for the  name or website of the brand of clothes. Their symbol is some kind of flower. I saw a lot of people wearing clothes of the brand in Czech Republic, for example the plaid pants,
 Re: Looking for czech brand25.10.2004

 Brno World Cup28.09.2004
Hi I´m Jens from Leipzig/Germany. I need some informations about the world cup in november. First of all, where is the location situated in Brno ? Is there a official timetable available ? How much does it cost ? Is there a hotel not far from ? I should l
 Re: Brno World Cup01.10.2004
Hi, we will add the demanded information to the main articel about the World Cup in Brno as soon as
  Re: Brno World Cup01.10.2004
So some info concerning the questions has been added today. Thanks for the questions.
   Re: Brno World Cup12.10.2004


thanks a lot for all these good informations.
best regards from le

 have a fun in boulder far02.09.2004
hi, I am Max, as a traveler to Prague, I excises these days in boulder bar near Vjame, anyone who speaks English also goes to there? Maybe we can go excising togother and have a drink there.

 Sent me Training Program15.07.2004
Hi all,
I budi from Indonesia,
any body send me training program of bouldering?
thank your attention

 Re: Sent me Training Program18.11.2004
hai budi,
i am from malaysia.

I need some information about clibing or bouldering on Taiwan near Taipei. Could someone help me and give me a brief information about those areas?
Or do you know any climbers from Taiwan and could you send me a contact of them?
 Re: Taiwan10.06.2004
you may find useful information in English. I reco
  Re: Taiwan10.06.2004
My email is
 Re: Taiwan06.07.2004
1.Buy this book!! "Lungtung Rock Climbing Guide" u may try visit "Tingsaniou" ju

 Looking for climbing partner(s)24.04.2004
I live in Prague and am looking for some climbing partners.  I'm about an American 5.9 climber, which I think is like French 5c or UK 5a/b.  I have only harnass and shoes here with me, no other equipment, and no transport, unfortunately.  I
 Re: Looking for climbing partner(s)27.04.2004
I would like. I am sending you an email.
  Re: Looking for climbing partner(s)22.09.2005
Are you still in Prague and looking for partners?
I'm arriving this Sunday and would love to

 bouldering near Decin28.02.2004
Wondering if anyone knows of any bouldering areas in or around Decin.  I am from California.  My wife is from Decin and are planning to visit in the spring/summer.  Thank you!!!
 Re: bouldering near Decin05.03.2004
Hi, there are some boulders and probably very hard. One of the Czech best boulderers Rosta Stefanek
  Re: bouldering near Decin08.03.2004
Thanks for your help,I would be interested in anything you can find. You can write i
   Re: bouldering near Decin06.04.2004
Once you'll be here don't miss Petrohrad Granit (a new beta will be available soon). It
    Re: bouldering near Decin28.06.2004
Ty jofka, to se jako rika misto zlom vaz 'zlom nohu a krk' sme tea nevedeli.

 Wanted: A climbing Partner17.02.2004

  I'm from the UK and I will be visiting a friend in Dresden after Easter. I am planning to spend some time in the Ceske Svycarsko area. Would anyone like to partner up and do some routes? I lead F6a & English HVS.
 Re: Wanted: A climbing Partner18.02.2004
Hi, I write you some suggestion by email for some days matching your offer. This comment is for case

 bouldering CR23.01.2004
hi boulderers,
i was wondering if there is good bouldering in czech-republic, because i saw some very strong guys from czech bouldering in austria.
so indeed i am an austrian guy looking for good bouldering
 Re: bouldering CR26.01.2004
One of the most popular areas is the Petrohrad (or Jesenice) on the route from Prague to Karlovy Var
  Re: bouldering CR28.01.2004
thanx for the tipp, i saw the pics before (looks really good), but just couldn´t read the text, so t
   Re: bouldering CR30.01.2004
Be tuned. We prepare some English beta about the area.

My friend told me recently that, BUOUX is not good area at present. There are plenty of people, and limestone is very smooth and dirty. Is it true? I have planed to go there, but now I don't know?
 Re: BUOUX12.01.2004
There were quite inough people in the last November but nothing special if you compare it with Arco

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 Looking for czech brand
this may sound as a stupid and vague question, but I am looking for the  name or website of the brand of clothes. Their symbol is some kind of flower. I saw a lot of people wearing clothes of the brand in Czech Republic, for example the plaid pants, with reinforced knees and behind. Can anyone tell me what company is making these? Thanks in advance
Jens02:19:53 23.10.2004
 Re: Looking for czech brand
romišák17:47:54 25.10.2004

Reklama: je hlavním mediálním partnerem ČHS na internetu
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