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 Bouldering in Petrohrad around Easter04.04.2014
Hey guys,

I plan to stay in Petrohrad for a few days of bouldering. Since I'm solo, is there a good chance to meet other people to hang out with? Or someone who plans to be there? Depending on the weather but i consider to arrive the night

 Rock Climbing close to Brno?03.04.2014

with a friend we are coming this weekend to Brno and we would like to go for a rock climbing.
Can someone help us with the places/areas where are they? And how can we get there (by bus?)?

This side (a guides f

 Lezenie ČR24.03.2014
Čauko rád by som sa opýtal či minevie niekto poradiť. Radi by sme s chalanmi niečo poliezli v ČR neake pekne sklaky s nejakym kempom poblízku poprípade aj nejakou vodou.
Môžete ma kontaktovať aj na email
 Re: Lezenie ČR25.04.2014
Ahoj, vyzkoušej raději diskuzi na české jazykové mutaci (

Ahoj kolegové horolezci. Pokud někdo našel černou lezení boty zpátky na Braník desky v Praze v pátek, 14.3, prosím, prosím, kontaktujte mě. To obsahovalo 4 rychloupínací spony, na safetly popruh, dvě karabiny a jistící zařízení. V podstatě celý můj gear k

Hello fellow climbers. If anyone found a black climbing shoe back at Branik slab in Prague on Friday, 14.3, please, please contact me. It contained 4 quick-clips, a safetly strap, 2 carbines and a belay device. Basically all my gear except for the harness

 Climbing partner in Brno28.02.2014
I am looking for a partner to climb with in Brno. I used to climb about 2-3 years ago and would like to start doing that again. I would consider myself as false beginner/intermediate. I think I could catch up quickly with my level tough.
 Re: Climbing partner in Brno20.07.2014
Not sure if you are still looking, but I just arrived in Brno from the US and am also looking for a

 Exp and Trekking in Pakistan30.01.2014
Hi, is there any one or group going Pakistan in this summer 2014 for climbing and trekking?
Anwar Syed

 Climbing Partner09.01.2014
i am going to move to Brno for my exchange semester in April and im am looking for a climbing partner.
Im climbing for almost two years now about 8 Grade (6c-7a)
I am very motivated and looking forward to train.
If you ar
 Re: Climbing Partner09.02.2014
Hi! my name is Roy, I'm a student here in Brno (I'm from Israel originally) and i climb here and in

 looking for a climbing partner05.11.2013

I moved to Prague couple months ago. Climbing level about 6. Looking for climbing partner willing to climb in the Lezecka Stena Ruzyne. 2times per week. Speak polish, english... little czech - enough to climb with czech partner:)

 Looking for Ian Fascendini!29.10.2013
Hi, I'm looking for my boyfriend Ian (Christian) Fascendini. He's somewhere in Czech Republik bouldering. Maybe he's climbing too. He is swiss, has dark brown short or middle long curly hair, blue eyes. Size: 1.80 meter. He speaks german, englisch (with a

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 Bouldering in Petrohrad around Easter
Hey guys,

I plan to stay in Petrohrad for a few days of bouldering. Since I'm solo, is there a good chance to meet other people to hang out with? Or someone who plans to be there? Depending on the weather but i consider to arrive the night before Easter Sunday (should be the 19.04) and plan to stay for 3 nights.

I would be very happy to meet a few poeple to hang out with :-)
David13:22:52 04.04.2014

Reklama: je hlavním mediálním partnerem ČHS na internetu
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