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Nová kniha Lékaři na horách: neviditelní hrdinové
Frankenjura Band 1 a Band 2

SP Salt Lake City (27.05)
SP Brixen (10.06)

1.Ondra 13822
2.Trojan 12100
3.Šindel 11706
1.Stráník 11600
2.Konečný 11525
3.Volf 11228
1.Skopec 8228
2.Bartoš 7426
3.Bloudek 7201

SP Salt Lake City (20.05)
Evropský pohár v boulderingu Praha (30.04)
Petrohradské padání (22.04)

5258 lezců
967338 cest
Nové přelezy:
Zákon Mlče Xb
Dobrák Od 8A+
Rajka 9-
Nejslabší XIa
Rychlá Smr 10-
Překvapení 9
Nur Ein Ar 9
Nastasia 9-
Zuby Nehty 8A
Myší Kožíš 9+

Lezecké centrum SmíchOFF - Praha 5
Boulder Bar - Praha 7
V 16 - Plzeň

Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Masarykova - Brno - Štěchovice
Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Poříčí - Praha 1



 Bouldering in Petrohrad23.04.2006
Hi all,

I am thinking of visiting Petrohrad for some bouldering/climbing, in early May. Sounds like a pretty cool area. But I gather the village must be pretty small, since it is not in Lonely Planet...

Can you get to the bou
 Re: Bouldering in Petrohrad25.04.2006
Hi Buddy you could check this address at this web page, plenty of pics and betas. Go for it.
 Re: Bouldering in Petrohrad25.04.2006
Are you kidding me, my friend is going to come in May and she is cute boulderer girl, she loves Petr
  Re: Bouldering in Petrohrad25.04.2006
Thanks for the weblink Stan, it's very helpful. The page doesn't really say, but it sounds like ther
   Re: Bouldering in Petrohrad25.04.2006
You right there is some public transport. For sure there are buses from Plzen or from Prague and a g
    Re: Bouldering in Petrohrad29.04.2006
Cool! I will be in touch closer to the time.
     Re: Bouldering in Petrohrad02.05.2006
Or I can help you with possible transport by my car from Prague. We will be in touch with Jirkas.
      Re: Bouldering in Petrohrad02.05.2006
Thanks Standa -- sounds great. Talk you closer to the time also.

 Monterosa Treks and Expedition18.04.2006
Dear all climbers,
Namaste !

Namaste means local greetings from Nepal. We have high peaks and low peak expedition in Nepal. If you are interested, please join with us. we have fixed departure trip for 2006 and 2007.


 Bouldering in the Summer17.04.2006
I was just recently in Praha for a short bit on vacation during the end of March. I really loved CR and can't wait to come back, I was just wondering what the average temperatures were in the summer? Do people still boulder in the summer there? Here every
 Re: Bouldering in the Summer24.04.2006
It's hot in the summer but not too hot for climbing & bouldering outdoors. It often gets up to
 Re: Bouldering in the Summer25.04.2006
Usually in summer is lower than 30 so climbing in the shadow is perfect. Friction is not as good as

 Everest Expedition 2007 April14.04.2006

Everest Expedition from Tibet side:

With eight of the world's highest peaks, Nepal is loaded with spectacular mountain vistas. The name “Everest” is magic in itself. Mt. EVEREST (8848m.) is called “SAGARMATHA” in Nepali-“Higher th

 Trekking, Hiking, Tour holidays, Adventure trekking, Wildlife sa14.04.2006

Everest Expedition from everest side:

With eight of the world's highest peaks, Nepal is loaded with spectacular mountain vistas. The name “Everest” is magic in itself. Mt. EVEREST (8848m.) is called “SAGARMATHA” in Nepali-“Higher


Do you have some news about a 2nd boulder event in petrohrad next time?
we have heard something about it.
it will be nice to get some information.


stuffi from dresden

 Re: petrohrad15.04.2006
It´s already on the homepage in English. So if you will need somethink more specific write the quest

 bouldering contest in romania06.04.2006
dear climbers,

you are welcome to participate in an open
bouldering contest taking place in romania, bucharest on 15-16 april.

for more details please visit

thank you

 Seeking a partner for the second week of May05.04.2006
Hi everyone, I'm from Russia; going to be on business in Prague 3-6 May 2006, now considering staying in the CR until 14 May to do some bouldering/sport climbing, preferably outdoors.  I'm planning to rent a car and stay overnight in local B&B ho
 Re: Seeking a partner for the second week of May07.04.2006
Hi Kirill, thanks for the interest! I can join you for some climbing then, here around Prague. I am

 Climbing near Brno05.04.2006
Does anyone know of any good climbing near Brno that you can get to with out the use of a car.  Stránská skála looks good, but I can't seem to find its exact location and I don't know how easy it is to get to.  Can anyone help.  My e-mail i
 Re: Climbing near Brno07.04.2006
You can access Stránska skala by tramway. It should be number 8 or 10 from the main Brno railway sta

 hostel in Petrohrad18.03.2006
hi, i'm from Germany and want to travel with some members of my youth group to Petrohrad on 8th of Avril for one week. But i'm not glad about travelling with 5 youths without having a "safe place" to sleep and all camping sizes i've found in the
 Re: hostel in Petrohrad31.03.2006

I guess for you would be a good choice to find a chalet for all of you.
I s

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 Everest Expedition 2007 April

Everest Expedition from Tibet side:

With eight of the world's highest peaks, Nepal is loaded with spectacular mountain vistas. The name “Everest” is magic in itself. Mt. EVEREST (8848m.) is called “SAGARMATHA” in Nepali-“Higher than the sky” and “CHHOMOLUNGMA” in Tibetan-“Mother Goddess of the Earth”. The quickest and easiest way to reach this region is by flight to Lukla at 2853m. The SoluKhumbu region has sweeping glaciers, magnificent mountains, windswept forests, animals, birds, and monasteries and is the home of the world famous Sherpa people. The flora and fauna are rest of other ornaments of the Sagarmatha national park, but the existence of the Yeti remains mysterious

For more information please visit our side:
Khum Subedi

Unique Adventure International Pvt. Ltd 
P.O. Box : 10849
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel : 977 1 4415474, 4441482
Fax : 977 1 4427324
Email :,
Website : ,

khum10:16:05 14.04.2006

Reklama: je hlavním mediálním partnerem ČHS na internetu
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