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Nová kniha Lékaři na horách: neviditelní hrdinové
Frankenjura Band 1 a Band 2

SP Chamonix (08.07)
SP Briancon (22.07)
MS v lezení mládeže (22.08)

1.Ondra 13822
2.Trojan 12228
3.Šindel 11756
1.Stráník 11578
2.Konečný 11550
3.Volf 11253
1.Skopec 7964
2.Groš 7864
3.Bartoš 7008

SP Villars (01.07)
SP Innsbruck (22.06)
SP Brixen (10.06)

5278 lezců
975884 cest
Nové přelezy:
Vibrace 7C
Staré Pově Xb
Achilles S 8A
Archimedes 8A
Rubikon 7C
Virus 9/9+
Hühnertod 9+/10-
Herr Kules 9/9+
Ganz Große 9/9+
Humungus 9-

K2-Poprad - Poprad
Dap Sport - Hradec Králové
Horská chata XL - Mariánská

Popina = nejlevnější v ČR ! - Bruntál
HUDYsport - Brno
2D chyty - Praha 6


World Cup on-line


24:00 - The Sunday (the 2nd day of the competition) continues here.

23:00 - The competition had excelent atmosphere on Saturday. There was more than 300 people as audience, organizers estimated.

The president of Jury Martin Joisten (publisher of probably the best German climbing web said on Saturday night that the competition had been very good yet.

Jury - The President of the Jury Martin Joisten is 2nd from the left.


22:30 - We added the result list after semifinal of women.

22:00 - Pictures from woman semifinal:

2 x Angela Eiter (AUT)

2 x Muriel Sarkany (BEL)

21:40 - The list of 8 finalists who were best in woman semifinal:
Angela Eiter (AUT)
Muriel Sarkany (BEL)
Sandrine Levet (FRA)
Barbara Bacher (AUT)
Bettina Schopf (AUT)
Caroline Ciavaldini (FRA)
Damaris Knorr (GER)
Delphine Martin (FRA)
The final men a women will start tomorow at 5 PM.
In the morning from 9 AM should start semifinal of men.

21:30 - Muriel Sarkany (BEL) did 2nd top and the semifinal round is over.

21:15 - 1st top by Angela Eiter (AUT)

20:30 Provisional is the best Bettina Schopf (AUT), the 2nd is Danaris Knorr (GER), the 3rd Soňa Hnízdilová (CZ). The round is just behind 2/3.

Soňa Hnízdilová (CZ)

Damaris Knorr (GER)

19:00 - Women semifinal started. The first one was Lucie Rajfova (CZE).

19:00 - Pictures from quaterfinal of men:

Tomas Mrazek (CZ) in quaterfinal

Julian Ramon Puigblanque (ESP) gives TOP

Overview of the wall with quaterfinal men´s route.

18:30 - We added the result list after  quaterfinal of men and women.

16:15 - Alexandre Chabot (FRA) fell two meters from top. Before his failure the six tops were seen on the men´s quaterfinal, which just ended. To the tomorows semifinal continues 26 men from 38 who entered to the quaterfinal.

16:10 - Julian Ramon Puigblanque(ESP) did the 6th top.

16:05 - The 5th top is done by Francois Auclair (FRA)

16:00 - Gerome Pouvreau (FRA) did the 4th top.

15:55 - Tomas Mrazek (CZE) did the 3rd top.

14:50 - The 2nd top is done by Andreases brother Christian Bindhammer

14:10 - Andreas Bindhammer (GER) (who started as the 16th in the row) is the first who is topping the men quaterfinal route.

Andreas on the top

13:20 - Photos from women´s quaterfinal added:

Sandrine Levet (FRA)

Lucie Rajfová (CZE)

The climbing wall

13:00 - After the preview of the route the men´s quaterfinal began. The first climbes Rant Blaz (SLO).

10:30 - Five climbers did top of the women´s quaterfinal and all 26 girls who started are going to semifinal. The reason is that 30 women originally applied but today morning came only 26 of them. Among missing is Martina Cufar (SLO)too.
The five best climbers were: Muriel Sarkany (BEL), Sandrine Levet (FRA), Angela Eiter (AUT), Caroline Ciavaldini (FRA) and Barbara Bacher (AUT).

11.10. 08:00 - The competition started by women´s quaterfinal. The first climber was the Czech girl Helena Lipenska.

10.10. 22:00 - The wall and routes preparation is finishing. The routes are made by three members team lead by the Frenchman nicknamed Coco.

His name is Corentin Le Goff, he is from Aix-en-Provence and he is a superviosor from the ICC to control job of their Czech and Slovak colleagues - forrunners Jiri Pribil and Andrej Chrastina.

Team of forrunners from left - Jiri Pribil, Andrej Chrastina and Coco.   [edit] 15:07 10.10.2003Print 


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