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Nová kniha Lékaři na horách: neviditelní hrdinové
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ME Mnichov (11.08)
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SP Slovinsko (02.09)

44.Čech 9972
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46.Gospoš 9940
44.Ulmonová 8456
45.Šmíd 8453
46.Šťastný 8450
29. 2691
30.Száraz 2610
31.Donát 2510

Rock Master (29.07)
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SP Chamonix (08.07)

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ZŠ Choceň - Choceň
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World Cup Kranj, SLO

World Cup competition in difficulty climbing, Kranj, Slovenia, 20-21/11/2004:
Sunday: 22:30 Tomas Mrazek is victorious !!! in the finale in WC Kranj 2004 beating closest rival Alex Chabot into 5th place.
Despite that there are no official results neither detailed info yet this important result has appeared.

Results: T.Mrázek(CZE) 2. E.Ovčinikov (RUS) 3. J.Verhoven(NED)
1. A.Eiter,(AUT) 2. N.Gros,(SLO)  3. M. Vidmar,(SLO)

Saturday 22:20 - Alex Chabot touched top. Unofficial list of finalists: Chabot Alexandre (FRA), Droetto Fabrizio (ITA), Ovchinnikov Evgeny (RUS), Mrazek Tomas (CZE), Sova Matej (SLO), Verhoeven Jorg (NED), Usobiaga Patxi (ESP), Bindhammer Christian (GER).
Women: Sarkany Muriel (BEL), Eiter Angela (AUT), Eier Alexandra (SUI), Gros Natalija (SLO), Franko Lucia (SLO), Shalagina Olga (UKR), Vidmar Maja (SLO), Levet Sandrin (FRA), Damaris Knorr (GER). Tereza Kysilková was 25th. There were 28 women in semifinal.
The finale is scheduled on Sunday evening: women from 18:00, men from 19:30.

21:45 - Tomas Mrázek will continue to final! Now the 3 last climbers are going in semifinale: Maksym Petrenko, Flavio Crespi a Alex Chabot.

20:30 - Tereza Kysilková OK, but probably not good enough for the final. The routes are just cleaned in half of the semifinal. Tomas Mrazek is still the best up to now.

20:15 - Tomas Mrazek touches the 4th hold from the end, and he is the best up to now. There is going 15 climbers more. He climbed well. Tereza Kysilková will climb in several minutes.

16:00 - Tomas Mrazek did not seem in relaxed climbing condition. He was 16th-21st.  Alex Chabot (FRA) TOPed as well as Flavio Crespi (ITA), Maksym Petrenko (UKR), Patxi Usobiaga (ESP) and Kilian Fischhuber (AUT). Semifinal of men and women begins at 19:00. Tomas Mrazek climbs as 11th. Tereza Kysilkova 12th. Juraj Repčík (SVK) was in 1/4 finále 22nd, and he climbs 4th. Other Slovaks Ondrej Švub ended 37th, Marek Leitman 44th. Yuji Hirayama (JPN) continues from 12th position.
Probably because of nice weather there are nearly no visitors.

10:30 - Tereza Kysilková sends TOP in 1/4 final, so she continues to evening semifinal.

Tomáš Mrázek climbs at about 15:00-16:00 h. There are 62 men and 31 women starting in the end.

Friday: a meeting was at evening. President ICC Marco Scolaris thanked to Czech delegation for the perfect organisation of the World Cup in Brno lest weekend," Tomáš Kysilka, the Czech team manager writes from Kranj.Isolation closes on Saturday at 8:30, women and men climb 1/4 final together. There are 70 men and 33 women registered. Tereza Kysilková climbs 19th, Tomáš Mrázek 70th. Both semifinal will be on the evening. After nearly 3 yers Yuyi Hirayama starts!

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