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Nová kniha Lékaři na horách: neviditelní hrdinové
Frankenjura Band 1 a Band 2

SP Chamonix (08.07)
SP Briancon (22.07)
MS v lezení mládeže (22.08)

47.Gospoš 9940
48.Hronek 9925
49.Krupař 9912
47.Šťastný 8350
48.Chochola 8331
49.Chovanová 8306
5.Šuraba 6642
6.Bloudek 6270
7.Punčochář 6208

SP Villars (01.07)
SP Innsbruck (22.06)
SP Brixen (10.06)

5278 lezců
975886 cest
Nové přelezy:
Vibrace 7C
Staré Pově Xb
Achilles S 8A
Archimedes 8A
Rubikon 7C
Virus 9/9+
Hühnertod 9+/10-
Herr Kules 9/9+
Ganz Große 9/9+
Humungus 9-

Boulder Bar - Praha 7
Big Wall - Praha 9 - Vysočany
SAUNA - Plzeň

Rock Point OC Olympia - Brno
LANEX eshop - Bolatice
Outdoor Centrum Rock Point Poříčí - Praha 1


UIAA released new rules for WCup competitions


UIAA released new rules for the World Cup competitions. Among the most important things are changes to three rounds insted of two in bouldering competitions. And that every kid who will be 16 years old during the year can start, that can mean that Austrian wonder boy David Lama who will be 16 in August can match with the world elite in lead climbing from the begining of the year.

"The age rule has been changed, now it is enough having one’s 16th birthday during the year of the competition (previously one had to be 16 years old at the time of the competition)," UIAA officials explains on the web
Bouldering competitions will now consist of three rounds: qualification, semifinal and final rounds. The final round will have only 6 competitors in each category and the competitors will compete on four boulder problems.
Another change would be in order of isolation. The starting lists for the qualification rounds in lead and bouldering (but not for speed) competitions has been changed. Competitors who are not ranked on the CUWR will start after the ranked competitors, who will start in reverse order of the CUWR ranking. The purpose of this change is to reduce the unfairness to the highest-ranked competitors who, with the previous system, always had to stay longest in isolation. It was critised e.g. by the World Champion Tomas Mrazek after the last World Championship in Munich who had to wait there all day long in isolation to climb before midnight qulification route.

Look for more rule changes and source info at   [edit] 23:35 17.02.2006Print 


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