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Kniha Kamarád ze skal o Joskovi Smítkovi znovu vychází
Leonidio, Řecko
Gimme Kraft! AIR: 2. díl populární tréninkové bible pro lezce

1. Makak- boulderový kolotoč 2017/2018 (27.10)
Jesenický opičák (28.10)

26.Chejn 10187
27.Šindel 10169
28.Genda 10144
26.Skočdopole 9050
27.Jurečka 8928
28.Plaček 8903
21.Groš 2238
22.Hodeček 2232
23.Ondrášek 2219

ME mládeže (15.09)
Rockmaster (26.08)
SP Arco (25.08)

4369 lezců
657706 cest
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Ou Est L' 7b+
Morgan 7b+
Unidedo Fl 7b
Tuzex 9+/10-
Anna K 10-/10
Amor Al Si 7c
Enterprise 7C
Sevasti 7b
Meadowlark 8B
Festa Fotr 7c

Sportcentrum Evropská - Stěna FTVS UK - Praha 6
SQUASHPARK Cibulka - Praha 5
Adrenaline Pit - Praha 1 – Nové město

Rock Point Liberec - Liberec 1
Lezec-shop.cz - Štěchovice


WC Brno


The competition will take place in the Hall B, which is included in the whole exhibition.

Entrance fee is 100,- Czech Crowns (3.50 Euros) for the whole day and covers also entrance for all outdoor trade exhibitions.

How it goes


We are little bit behind the schedule with the assembling of the podium for boulders.
On Monday came Reiny Fichtinger (AUT), Andrej Chrastina (CZE) and Tomáš Doubravský (CZE). Today the whole team of route setters was completed by Tomáš Bardas (CZE).

Reiny Fichtinger (a licensed IFSC route setter) said that he is satisfied. he was very positive about the competitions walls (TR Walls), landing fields (Jipast) etc. He also highlighted the quality of all grips (AIX) prepared for the event.

Everyone from the organizers team believes that the event will be successful.

Its snowing, while there are preparation for WC in hall B

Andrej Chrastina, Reiny Fichtinger, Tomáš Doubravský

AIX ? Various grips prepared for comp

View from the podium

Official webpage of the event WC Brno.

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