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World Cup in bouldering Brno (CZE) 2007

men qualification

smThe World Cup competition in bouldering Brno, Czech Republic, 2007:
15:35 - The men´s qualification is over. The top climbers are: 1st Dmitry Sharafutdinov (RUS), 2nd Guillaume Glairon Mondet (FRA), 3rd Kilian Fischhuber (AUT).
(+ video +photos)


Dmitry Sharafutdinov (RUS) climbs the boulder problem No 4

Video record: Dmitry Sharafutdinov (RUS) climbing qualification boulder No 4.
Video 15 MB, 1 min.

The others who will also advance to the semifinals:
4 David Barrans (GBR)
4 Matthias Müller (SUI)
6 Akito Matsushima (JPN)
7 Gabriele Moroni (ITA)
8 Lukas Ennemoser (AUT)
9 Nalle Hukkataival (FIN)
10 Rustam Gelmanov (RUS)
10 Masatoshi Sugita (JPN)
12 Martin Stranik (CZE)
12 Jorg Verhoeven (NED)
14 Peter Würth (GER)
15 Lucas Preti (ITA)
16 Stephane Julien (FRA)
17 Karsten Borowka (GER)
18 Heiko Wilhelm (AUT)
19 Mark Croxall (GBR)
20 Gareth  Parry (GBR)

The qualification results are on www.ifsc-climbing.org

More photos are in galeria PHOTOS

14:30 - The last in the starting list has just begun: Daniel Ungureanu (ROU). The row of the best is unchanged up to now: 1st Dmitry Sharafutdinov (RUS), 2nd Guillaume Glairon Mondet (FRA), 3rd Kilian Fischhuber (AUT).
20 people can continue to the semifinals that are scheduled tomorrow.

Real update of the results is on www.ifsc-climbing.org


The hall

13:20 - Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) is 3rd at the moment. 1st is still Dmitry Sharafutdinov (RUS) and 2nd Guillaume Glairon Mondet (FRA).

13:10 - Dmitry Sharafutdinov (RUS) was the first competitor to  send all 6 routes, which puts him in first position now.

13:00 - More than the half of the climbers have already finished climbing. The provisional ranking from now of the 27 climbers who has climbed: 1 Guillaume Glairon Mondet (FRA), 2 David Barrans (GBR), 3 Matthias Müller (SUI).

12:18 - Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) just has finished unsuccessfully on the 2nd problem as well as Jorg Verhoeven (NED) has just failed on the No 3.

Kilian Fischhuber (AUT)


Jorg Verhoeven (NED)

11:52 - Martin Stráník has finished his attempts and at the moment he is 4th. From the about third of people who have already finished.In front of him are now 1st David Barrans (GBR), 2st Matthias Müller (SUI) and 3rd Lukas Ennemoser (AUT).

Overview of the hall

11:40 - Qualification of men is roughly in its half. Favorite Jorg Verhoeven (NED) has started on the first problem. All of climbers so far sent No 1, and very hard are overhanging 3 and than No 4.

10:40 - Czech Martin Stráník has started and sent the first route on his first try. He has the starting number 17 and is the first Czech. The other Czech are: start number 34 Jakub Hlavacek, 35 David Kozel, 38 Jiri Bradac, 46 Petr Resch, 49 Jiri Pribil.

Martin Stranik (CZE) on boulder problem No 2

10:32 Klemen Becan (SLO) and Aric Merz finished each with 1 top, Klemen did it in less attempts. Real update of the results is on www.ifsc-climbing.org

10:20 Roddy Mackenzie (GBR) finishes as the first the all climbers, with one complete boulder and five bonuses from six boulders, with 8 trys total.
No 1

Roddy Mackenzie (GBR) on the problem No 6

9:20 - The first was Roddy Mackenzie (GBR) and he did boulder problem No 1 on the first attempt. After them repeated the performance Aric Mertz (GER). The climbers have 6 minutes for each problem.

Karsten Borowka (GER) on problem No 1

Isolation: Favorite Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) among the other climbers

Isolation: Czech favorite Martin Stranik

Warm up in isolation

Brno Exhibition Center

9:14 - Just after 9 am the WC competition in bouldering in Brno, Czech Republic, has started by qualification of men. There are 53 men on 6 boulder problems.

The news from Thursday Nov 8, 2007:
on Thursday evening November 8th, the technical meeting took place. On Friday morning the qualification of men is expected. Watch the actual continuous news coverage here on CzechClimbing.com, respective on the official site of World Cup Brno 07  www.CzechClimbing.com/spBrno07

There you can check the schedule and the other beta about the competition.

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